2 comments on “Pantera Noelle

  1. Great stuff! Pantera’s another model who I’ve never seen in a bad photo/video! And what’s this I hear about a TucsonTied podcast on October 5th at ByTheRope.com ??? More details please!

    • Hey, dude…good to hear from ya! Yup, I was interviewed by “ByTheRope” for his podcast…If you go to that site, you’ll get several of his vids, interviews with folks like me. If I remember correctly, Randy from BondageMischief and a few others are up there now, with more to follow. He’s having to restructure a bit as he was doing this through YouTube and they deleted him (assholes), so he’s getting what content was up there onto his new page…there’s more goodness coming, like my interview on the 5th. 🙂 Stay Tuned! https://vimeo.com/bytheropepodcast

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