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  2. “Look,” he said, stroking her bound thighs as he admired her heaving bosoms, “I don’t want to get off on the wrong foot here, I’m here to burgle your place, so I’m not the kind of guy you should be looking for a commitment or anything out of. And sure, I like tying girls up, always have – but I’m not going to do anything more unless you want it, because I got sisters and nieces, too. If you want me to just grab your OLED and and that sweet sound system you got, we can leave it at that – ”

    She whimpered behind the gag and struggled in a sinuous manner, lifting her legs to meet his hands. “Okay, then – I’m going to kiss your gagged mouth, so if you got a problem with that, you pull back and that’s it…” He leaned forward, but she surged towards him with a passionate kiss, managing to work her tongue under the cleave gag and into his mouth somehow! As they kissed she lifted out of the chair, molding her body to his and making begging sounds behind her gag.

    “Okay,” he said huskily, holding her as she almost wrapped her bound body around him, “I can steal your neighbor’s OLED and sound system. He’s kind of a*hole anyway -” she laughed around her gag and nodded in agreement! “It’s just his is a tube system and those are real hard to cart out.” He kissed her again and she responded, ardently. “You sure you’re not doing this because you don’t have insurance…?”

    She growled and bit his neck. “I think you need a ballgag,” he said huskily as he lifted her in his arms. She melted into his hold, nipping his neck and chin with her cloth-gagged lips. “Bedroom okay?”

    “PLZZZ!” she gasped behind the gag, her bare breasts bouncing appealingly…..

    Two nights later, her upstairs neighbor had his tube sound system and top-of-the-line Sony OLED stolen – while she and her new boyfriend celebrated with her struggling on the floor with the fattest ballgag he could find wedged between her lips and teeth.

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