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  1. Greetings from Texas,
    OK, this is a really far out there type of question. How about, for lack of a better term, a Bondage Camp? Have you ever considered running a weekend training camp for us, perhaps not young, but eager would be bondage players? Perhaps someone already runs one.
    Some of us played bondage games in our mis-spent youth, but know nothing of photography. Others might know cameras quite well, but nothing of rigging. For that matter, a class safe rigging, and dangers of tieing a girl (or guy ) up would be very important.
    What are the legal issues? I would love to pick some folks brain about their busness profile. Perhaps there are ladies out there that are courious about the pro’s and Con’s of being a bondage model. (talk about a child hood dream come true!)
    Perhaps such a seminar is run by someone else. May it’s a stupid idea. This should give you some stuff to chew on.

    • No, it’s a smart idea…so smart that I BELIEVE it’s already being done. 🙂 I BELIEVE Lew Reubens does something like this…I’ll have to check FetLife to be sure as Lew and I are friended there…or maybe Googling “Lew Bondage Camp” or some such thing. I’d do it straightaway, but I just got home and I’m drained. It’s STILL close to the 100’s out there in temperature and it’s DRAINING to be out in that kinda heat. It’s frigging OCTOBER and still hot al HELL out there! OY!

      Plus…I just got resident Evil 6…the “gamer” in me is psyched! 🙂

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