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  1. I haven’t seen the film “Yes Man” yet, but I read the book it was based on by Danny Wallace. In fact, it’s only cos of the book that I’d be inclined to watch the film, even if it does swap classic Britsih eccentricity for, well, Jim Carrey’s mushy mug.

    I digress – Danny said “yes” to everything. That was the deal, including every single Spam e-mail he got. In the case of these rich scams, he said “yes” to being interested, but sidestepped by just asking for the cash. Damned chet. However, he did pay for numerous penis enlargement medicines.

    Worth readin for the Amsterdam story alone.

  2. LMAO!!!

    Y’know what? Since writing this entry, I’ve only been getting SPAM from folks offering penis enlargement and super-cheap vitamins. No more dead relatives. Guess this original post saved lives…lol.

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