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    (pick up binder clips)
    I suppose you want me to attach these to your nipples now…?

    (makes mmphing noises, nods eagerly)

    (mutters under his breath)
    That 50 SHADES dame has got a LOT to answer for….

      • I know, Tolstoy, I tried reading the first book after my then-wife insisted I shouldn’t insult a book I hadn’t read first! I made it about fifty pages, then gave it to her and said, “YOU try reading it….”

        She didn’t even make it that far.

        • Dave (Annis) gets cranky with me when I do that…judge something before even partaking of it…but there’s some mountains that I don’t have the strength to climb, and just seeing the trailers from those dopey movies told me what I needed to know. Them damn things are even to some degree dangerous as they don’t portray BD/SM relationships properly and partners could possibly get injured from the lack of technique they show. Just garbage.

          Ironic that we’re talking about “50 Shades” on a Sasha post. I believe I remember discussing the series with her only to find that she read all three books…and *LIKED* them. Even a diamond has flaws… 😛

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