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  1. Glad you’re (finally) telecommuting from your day job Tony!!! 🙂 Arizona was dragging their feet in sheltering in place. Make sure to wash your hands often (even from home) and try not to rub your eye’s first thing in the AM, touch your face, etc.
    Sasha Fae Tucson Tied Video’s Available for Download (links below)
    Also available at TucsonTied UnlimitedBondage On Demand
    And um, don’t cut TOO far into your tissue supply everyone! 😉 AND WASH YOUR HANDS!

  2. YES! Tony! 🙂 This was great news for me to see as I booted the laptop at the crack of dawn this Friday morn. Hope you have direct deposit.

  3. Great news finally getting to work from home, Tony! Stay safe and stay well….

    My (non-COVID-19) bug’s still hanging on a bit, but its biggest symptom seems to be my weird sleeping habits, which isn’t helping me get 100% any time soon. It doesn’t help that my wife and niece are both sicker than I am, so I’m the Designated Driver for getting stuff — pray for me.

    I was so desperate for disinfectant I went into a liquor store seeking grain alcohol that’s over 70% (like 151-proof Everclear). They actually had a Grain Alcohol that was 192 Proof (96% alcohol!) on sale, so I bought two 1.75 liter bottles. I’m just using it straight, since trying to make at-home Purel (alcohol above 140 Proof plus Aloe plus lemon juice) is more complicated than just dump aloe & lemon juice in alcohol!

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