2 comments on “Sasha Fae Shoot, Part 2

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    You have a spectular set here Tony. You know how good it is, and Sasha went above and beyond.

    I’ve never seen the tie you did in the first set. I like the way the knots are completely out of reach of the hands. Nice touch.

    Is this the chair you were talking about a few days ago? I can see what you mean about the perfect bondage chair. The low back, the gap between the chairback and seat to allow wrists to be tied into the small of the back if you chose. It’s interesting the way you tied her ankles between the front chair legs.

    I like fact the lady can be seated after her arms are bound, and then teathered to the chair. Likewise she can be moved from the chair without being released. Versability is importan. Sasha even looks comfortable.

    I’ve always enjoyed your standing ties, the spreader bar is a good change of pace. I hope you will still do ankels together and crossed however.

    As you know from my earlier comments, I have never been a fan of bare feet. The shoeless feet in nylons are nice, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more of that, but I really like the girls in heels!

    I like Dave’s strappy heels, you might look into a set of those. Then again the stellitos you usually shoot Sasha in are great and she looks amazing in them.

    Then again, it’s Sasha…She looks good in everything, or nothing at all.

    • On the heels: I am DEFINITELY gonna look into getting a pair of those for my own collection. They looked fantastic on her and I’d like to do this kind of thing more. 🙂

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