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  1. Greetings from Texas,
    I like Anna, but don’t believe I’ve seen her before. Since I don’t think she’s new I’m guessing she’s from a while back. Would love to see more of her.

    I have long felt the main requirement to work on a Comic based movie is that you can not have read any of the comics. Some years ago there was a TV show based on a comic – Jon Sable Freelance. The comic was fantastic. The TV series died a well deserved death half way through the first season. The name was the only link to the comic the two had.


  2. Quote Art,”I have long felt the main requirement to work on a Comic based movie is that you can not have read any of the comics” LOL!
    Have mixed feelings about that. LOVE the Iron Man movies myself (Robert Downey Jr NAILED Tony Stark). The armor’s LOOK right, but they messed the genesis of War Machine up badly (which kind of proves Art’s point). Don’t recall Jon Sable Freelance, but remember an attempted Captain America spinoff from the 1970’s Hulk TV series (horrible, his shield was the windscreen for his motorcycle)?!
    Back on topic – lovely shot of Anna Lee. Like the lingerie, her sexy legs, and the cleavegag tied firmly between her lips. You can see more of her at http://estore.surfnetcorp.com/store/unlimitedbondage/products.cfm?fullid=7B772DE6-BEC7-D5F7-5DBFAE41F0B992D5&id=0

  3. I’m so old I remember Thor as a doctor with a limp, who happened to have this hammer that turned him into some guy with yellow polka-dots on his costume! That was when Jack Kirby drew him, I guess – he was a very Kirby-looking character, and the hospital stuff looked more like DR. KILDARE than a superhero comic.

    I also remember a very head-trippy late-Sixties/early Seventies Thor – looked a lot like Dr. Strange, which the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard (sorry, can hardly type that without snickering!) turning into serious psychedelica…. Or is the early-onset senility my wife swears I have kicking in, and I’ve mixed up the two?

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