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  1. C’mon Tony! Sliced Turkey isn’t all THAT bad! Some swiss cheese, some mustard (preferably Gulden’s) put it between two slices of good bread with maybe some tomato slices and you’re good to go! Gotta cut back on the ham myself (cholesterol is way too high)! And another great photo of Sasha by the way. Love the expression she’s giving the camera and her sexy legs.

    • Yah, I know…and the turkey is pretty good, actually. I was heartset on ham tho, and seeing the two packages of turkey…grrr; me am stoopid! 😛

      By the way, thank you to both Art and Stryder on the compliemnts of the pic of Sasha…I should mention that this shot is a still from the 1 hour video entitled, “Bondage Burglar”, available here:


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