2 comments on “Saturday : Brooke Thomsen…Coming SOON!

  1. Sorry I haven’t been more active in commenting, Tony – been under the weather and August is sucking on so many levels for us here.

    Brooke Thomsen – She Purty! Don’t have much else to say aside from that – I don’t know if she genuinely enjoys being tied up or not, but she doesn’t project the combination of fear and arousal Sasha Fae and Stacie Snow do, or that If-I-Had-Balls-They’d-Be-To-The-Wall Love of Theatre that Candle Boxx always seems to have. She reminds me of Erika Kole and A.J. Khan, in her sheer love of performing – now I want to get the money together to start shooting again, just to shoot with her.

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    Brooks is a vision. I know what you mean drdarkeny, shooting photos like this would be a dream come true! Would that I had the photographic skills, equipment and contacts. Thank goodness we have Tony to take up the slack for us.

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