3 comments on “Saturday : Cali Logan

  1. Zima – the preferred drink of Babylon 5!

    Apparently it wasn’t product placement or anything like that – J. Michael Straczynski was just so tickled by the notion of a cross between 7-Up and Beer that he asked Coors for some bar signs promoting it. So in some ways, its fame outlasted its original market time….

    • I LOVE the stuff!! Only drink beer VERY casually as I hate the bitterness of it…same for most alcoholic drinks. ZIMA, however, is, like you say, beer & 7-UP, so for me it’s a definite win! 🙂

  2. Zima, God that takes me back. Always got @#$%!!! off at some jerk-off (no pun intended) that was trying to get me to drink more or have another beer (it’s not a race, let me have my drink in peace). Didn’t have that problem with Zima – they’re fine when they’re ice cold but once they hit room temperature – BLEECH! Hey why aren’t you drinking? “Oh my Zima is ware” – and people leave me alone! Now someone needs to bring Jolt (all the sugar and TWICE the caffeine of “normal” soda) Cola back from the dead.
    Cali Logan is gorgeous enough to raise….. well you be the judge! 😉

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