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  1. At least they didn’t ask if you wanted to “SuperSize” your lunch, Tony! I eat more than enough, and am battling weight problems as is, without getting asked that every time I go to a fast food place – especially since “SuperSize” actually means the difference between (as my niece put it over dinner tonight) “comfortably full” and “feeling kinda sick full”.

    Still job-hunting, still no job – oh, joy. Those possible jobs I had sort of fell through – and I haven’t been as able to follow up as I normally would because I had a sleep study last week. Imagine spending the night the crappiest motel room imaginable, wired up twenty ways to Sunday so you can’t even get up without asking for somebody to come in and help, having your entire night’s sleep recorded, and periodically being asked to “sleep on your side”, or “sleep on your back”, or “sleep on your stomach”. My worst night’s sleep in quite a while, and I’m still not fully recovered from it.

    Part of the reason is I saw WONDER WOMAN this weekend w/my wife and niece, and they insisted we get up early for a Saturday to go catch a matinee. It’s far and away the best of the DCEU movies, and while I wouldn’t call Gal Godot a “great” actress necessarily, she’s got WW down cold! My wife’s biggest objections were how it sort of resembled CAPTAIN AMERICA, THE FIRST AVENGER in spots, and the coda was a bit weakish – but the rest of the movie was so good that made up for all the flaws, and the reveal of Ares’s identity was just the Right Kind of “Offbeat Casting” (as opposed to Jesse Eisenberg as an addled twerpy Lex Luthor, who’s utterly the wrong kind!).

    Lovely pics of Drea bound & gagged wearing pantyhose – love them as always.

  2. Were you looking for anything in particular at Bookman’s?
    Do they sell comic TPBs?

    Which brings me to the realisation that I know Tolstoy is a gamer, but what books/comics does he like? I seem to remember seeing Essential Spider-Woman in your book case, though. Good choice btw: Classic Jessica Drew = One of the best costumes evah!

    The fanboy in me wants you to do a superheroine themed shoot one day!
    Just sayin’…

    • Y’know what, Nolan? I like this question so much, it’s gonna be the focus of tomorrow’s blog. I’ll say this much, tho, Spider-Man is my main character (one of the reasons I can’t watch the movies, really…hate what they constantly do to the lore of the character), and Jess IS one of the best characters EVER. And a good bondage influence too…she got tied good and tight for the ending of Spider-Woman #5 and the cover of Spider-Woman #6… http://sleepycomics.com/1850

  3. Yeah, I’m also a HUGE Spidey fan! I actually want to get my hands on all the classic Steve Ditko stuff. I wasn’t around when Gwen Stacy died, so MJ was always my gal. Blonde versus redhead? No contest!


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