5 comments on “Saturday : Sexy Cali Logan

  1. Love this, Tony – tan pantyhose, white dress, white heels, bound and cleavegagged.

    If you’d had a white bandanna, that might have even worked better – or did you want the gag as a spot of color?

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    That makes three of us, the red bandana makes this set pop. A ball gag wouldn’t have the same ‘feel’ and tape gags just ruin good rigging. I’m detecting a theme here. I’ve seen several sets you’ve shot at your place with Cali, I’m guessing on the same day. Did she only wear white that day?

    I’m not complaining, this lady could make burlap or tent canvas look good! The work you two did that day is worthy of a gallery showing. I’m just accustomed to seeing more color in your shoots.

    • Yah, Cali and I shot several sets…we started with the white outfit, switched to pantyhose only, then switched to the bed scene with her in clingy silver top and booty shorts with heels. 🙂

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