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  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Stacie is beautiful in this shot. Obvious of course, Stacie is always beautiful. So what is it about this picture?

    Perhaps it’s the box tie. I have said before, Stacie does not know how to take a bad picture. The restraints are not nessary for her to be beautiful here, not by a long shot, but they make the image special to me – to us.

    I think in this case the key is the box tie. Lord knows the strict elbow ties Stacie is know for show her, shall we say charms, to advantage. The problem with the elbow tie is that the clock is ticking from the moment the rigger starts wrapping the ladie’s elbows. It is a rare woman who doesn’t find them uncomfortable from the first moments. This quickly becomes extreme discomfort and pain if left too long. My hat is off to any model willing to endure one.

    The box tie is certainly as secure, but much less stressful. With no pressure on the shoulders the lady is, more or less, comfortable for a much longer period of time, allowing this scene to last longer.

    Who would be in a hurry for this moment to end?

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