2 comments on “Saturday Sneak Peek At StacieSnowBound

  1. Gotta say myself…EVERYTHING about this pic WORKS! The arm bondage, the ball gag, her lips around it, her expression, the glance off-screen…I freaking LOVE this shot! 🙂

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    I would have to agree Tony. This picture is enchanting. A photographer can work with the same model, same setting, rope wardrobe (in this case the ballence of exposed verus covered), all the elements. All may be good, but one in a thousand can be something spectular. This picture is a work of art.

    A lot of the credit goes to Stacie. She always brings 100 percent to the shoots. That’s such a pleasure compaired to the girls that sit there with an expression that says “Yeah, I’m tied up. Get on with it.” Her eyes, the tilt of her head, she is a girl in a dicy situation. You can see the gears turning behind her eyes.

    This is a shot you can both be proud of.

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