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  1. Rrraaawwwrrrr!!! Great photo samples! Like the topless bondage, the chest harness, the tight miniskirt clinging to the models @ss, the crotchrope, tied above and below the knees, (love Constance’s expression in the second sample DSC01710 too)! Good stuff, maybe some mouth packing or a nice big knot in Constance’s cleavegag is my only complaint.
    As for the damaged SD card (how was it damaged?) check your email I sent you a quick link and cut and pasted some instructions on how to (hopefully) recover some of your data. I’ve got my fingers crossed. Well….. with my free hand anyway 😉 Yeah sorry that was awful. Drop me an email and let me know if my advice helped at all. Can’t get online that much these day’s. I’m using the girlfriends WIFi right now and it’s snowing in Long Island and N.Y.C. right now. It won’t stay for longer than today, but I’m spending today at my girls place with some coco (she’s still sleeping at 10AM which is why I’m able to post – she would NOT be happy with me websurfing bondage sites). I’m on my personal laptop, but still…..

    • The knotted cleave was the first set I did…which is on the damaged card. :/

      I really don’t know what happened…we were wrapping the second vid and I kept pressing the stop button to stop recording and it wouldn’t stop…just kept running. Finally shut off the camera to stop it; that was prolly my bad, but if I hadn’t, the thing would’ve recorded video until it was full or the battery died…lol. Never buying a “San Disk” card again, I tell ya what. Taking a break from worrying about it tonight to get some rest. 🙂

      The advice helped (and thank you for it)…just haven’t cracked it as yet. :/

  2. Sorry about ur SD card Tony just don’t snap it I have done that before when I got mad not good as for ur sexy sexy new model Constance what you have here is great she has it all long legs blond hair u dont do blondes much and very cute thanks for the preview and good luck getting back ur hard work

  3. Keep us posted as to the SD cards status Tony (still hoping). Turning the camera off and back on huh? Guess that’s like not ejecting the card correctly? I almost always remember to do that from my Win7 laptop. Best of luck.
    Do you have another mailing address, other than your apartment? Might want to send ya something….

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