4 comments on “Spammers

  1. Some “pretty effective spam fighters”? Whatever could that be? I hope it doesn’t get confused and cut me off in mid senta….

  2. LOL!!!

    It’s kinda funny…those spammers. Over at my regular e-mail address, they seem to think I need perscription medication over billion dollar, “Your relative died, collect your cash” tries of late.

    Meh, maybe they just realized that I’m smarter than they think I am…but yet they still spam. Meh. 😉

  3. Yeah, I get those too. I just filter out the stuff I WANT out of the spam filter and delete the rest.

  4. Just now cleaned out my “spam” box after being out all day. 13 spam e-mails, ALL of it offers for phenmabarbacolwhatchamacallit…yeesh. Tragically, some good stuff does make it to the spam box occasionally, but not too much.

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