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    • LOL! Only reason I laugh is because of what Sasha told me herself about that. She didn’t start out being “into it”, but after many a shoot, she got a definite taste for being bound…which made it rough for her every time a producer cast her as the Domme. It happened quite a bit…but she def preferred being a sub and being bound. Mind you, she didn’t protest and filled the role that the shoot required of her without hesitation…she was just a tad jealous of the girl she was domming… 😉

      • Oh, that is hilarious, Tony!

        I’m glad to hear Sasha discovered she loved bondage, after all, even if it meant she was called on to be a Domme much of the time.

        I’ve been seeing some Jim Weathers stuff lately where Candle Boxx is playing Catwoman as a supervillain – which is hilarious given how eagerly she get into being tied up herself.

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