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  1. Hey Tony order it from this place here I couldn’t find any either but got it in 2 days right to my front door without a problem 2 ply virgin paper all I wanted to buy it cost me 136 bucks but I got enough for at least 2 months or more !!!! And you can use this coupon !!!!! https://www.bettymills.com/specials/newsletter/2017/coupon_MyFriends8.html?utm_source=email&utm_campaign=2ndOrderCoupon+newsletter&utm_medium=2ndOrderCoupon&utm_content=newsletter

  2. Great post Todd!! I immediately reposted that to my Facebook page. Here’s some links to D.I.Y. facemasks to hep protect oneself from the Coronavirus see https://patch.com/new-york/northfork/s/h2pzs/face-masks-for-coronavirus-3-ways-to-make-one-in-5-minutes
    Have a very happy Easter and be safe everyone!

    • Thanks Stryder and by the way that place has all kinds of cleaning supplies and sanitizers also hoppe it helps !!!!

  3. Tony another idea is to try gas station marts, and small convenience stores – anything “off the beaten path” they might have toilet paper. Good luck!

  4. Tony, you know if you purchase Everclear 151 or stronger, or Grain Alcohol right up to 96%, you can use it as a hand sanitizer. It works better when it’s mixed with one-half it’s amount of aloe vera gel and a couple drops of antimicrobial Tea Tree Oil, then stirred until it’s all blended…

    Love Stacie, Pantyhose-clad Damsel-in-Distress.

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