7 comments on “Stacie Snow (Happy Birthday Tolstoy, ya 57 year old fart)

  1. 57 years old? Pshaw, I’ve got eight years on you – and Social Security eligibility, to boot!

    Seriously, happy belated birthday, Tony!

    • I looked into it…I can early-retire at 62 and make about half what I do now…not livable. If I wait until I’m 70, I can retire and get from SS what I make working. Oy.

  2. Happy birthday, man!

    I know I’m a little late, but here’s to the next 57!
    Honestly, look after yourself because I really love your aesthetic and I want to see more work from you (not for selfish reasons at all lol).

    Looking forward to your FetCon 2022 stuff.
    Maybe one day you’ll treat us all to a “rigger tells all” memoir!

    Take care,
    your friendly neighbourhood soyboy77

    • A memoir from TolstoyTony? My own “War and Peace” perhaps????? 😛 It’s definitely a thought…but I can’t see myself name dropping; not my style. Maybe more along the lines of life as a fetishist in a world of Vanillas? My journey as a rigger? Def something to give thoughts towards. 🙂

      • Ariel Anderssen is writing a memoir too so you’d be in good company.
        Would be nice to get both the model and rigger’s perspective… 🙂

        Love BTS stuff. Your old blog was really interesting too.

        Your “By the Rope” podcast interview was particularly illuminating.
        Any idea idea what happened to that guy? He interviewed a couple of major players (e.g. Rachel Adams) then just dropped off the face of the earth…

        • Trying to market bondage interviews is problematic at the least in a world full of vanilla censors, to be honest…I had a feeling he wouldn’t last on YouTube long, but wanted to give him support nonetheless…I was hoping he could buck the odds. I don’t see him on Twitter myself anymore either now that you mention it…ugh.

          I could be wrong about this, but I believe Ariel got published! 🙂 Think I saw on Twitter that her book got picked up and will be in stores somewhat soonish!

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