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  1. The picture at the top of todays blog try to make
    it lighter I did and if you things like that
    you might get 1st. prize at the next contest.

    • I think the exposure is where I need it to be, Larry. No offense to your talent, but this is the mood I’m trying to portray. Darker. Remember, Stacie is portraying a kidnapped heiress or some such thing…and being held somewhere a little less than a studio with perfect lighting. I LIKE the imperfections! They add to the mood of the shot! And my subscribers certainly don’t seem to mind. 😉

      I’m not out to capture a studio lighting kind of situation, here…an “in-home” situation, if you will. This is “DiD” (“damsel in distress”) work, remember…not studio work. You should take a look at RopExpert and others of my ilk…I’m right in line with them. 😉

      This is the mood that I’m trying to show. You may not agree…but this is what I’m after in my pics. I’m not much different than the other guys…lesser to many a degree, really. I’m just me. No ego, just me. This is what I’m after…and if it wins me no awards, then at least I did it the way I wanted to. 😉

      I appreciate your advice. And I’ll keep it in mind for the future. I’m not after awards, tho…my ego doesn’t need them.

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