One comment on “Sunday…Isobel Wren

  1. Tony, I’m surprised you’re surprised – laptops always cost more for less! You pay for the portability and relative durability, which is why I still mainly use my nearly decade old Windows desktop still.

    Funny non-kink story – my wife got hooked on GREY’S ANATOMY reruns on Netflix, and now she’s got the rest of us hooked on a medical soap opera.

    The reason that’s at all germane is because Isobel Wren looks a LOT like the actress who plays Dr. April Keppner on the show – a nice Whitebread Christian girl who never swears, and was a virgin until she suddenly got the hots for a hot young Black doctor two seasons after she started! (Given the series, that’s like holding out forever – these people fuck at the drop of a hat, and they’ll drop the hat themselves.) Looking at these pics is like seeing April discovering she’s into b&d – which probably wouldn’t play seriously on ABC-TV, but which I’d love!

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