3 comments on “Sunday with Lola Lynn and ElCoyote

  1. Nature walk, indeed!
    Just to add to the story: we started shooting at around 10 am, and HAD to call quits to the shoot by 1 pm because it was getting too HOT. And I’m not talking just air temperature… the rocks, the sand, EVERYTHING was getting too hot!

  2. Some great shots guys! Always thought Lola was kinda petite and walking past that cactus just made her look tiny! And El Coyote – I’ll BET it was getting hot! Don’t even want to think about how scorching hot those rocks must have been!

  3. Stryder…wanna hear something funny? The rocks were actually COOLER to Lola than the sand around them! Dunno how to describe it…other than she just found the sand to be scorching…while the rocks were at least bearable! Funny, huh?

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