4 comments on “The last two shoots, Part 1: Tracy Jordan

  1. Cute new model (especially like the “damsel in distress” expressions)! The second photo with the chest harness and the lacy bra is especially hot.

    My only gripe is nothing Halloween related? No tied up witches (or ghosts or goblins)? My Sunday will be packed between keeping kids from egging my car and other mischief and watching “The Walking Dead” on AMC. Hopefully I can work around my cable box to tape the show (old school I know) but we’ll see.

  2. Holloween? Pffffft. LOL…I wish I had something more current…the last time I did any “costumes” was when Kimberly Marvel dressed up as a cheerleader or a nurse for me. And you’ve seen pics from that, unfortunately. I don’t do all that much “costume” work…maybe I should?

  3. Some costume work can be good (of course it’s a royal pain the in the @#@$%!! to try to plan these things out before hand)! And you can’t go wrong with tied cheerleaders, especially a Dallas Cowgirl, or schoolgirl, or nurse/doctor, etc. etc….

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