8 comments on “The Pink Rope

  1. I like the new style and I also liked the pink rope.
    But you are right, the pink rope clearly says photo shoot and for “photo shoot photography” you a more photo studio background then you used to have.
    For the kidnapped scenario an apartment background fits much better.
    Although I think your backgrounds are still one of your weaker points.

  2. ANGUA!!! Thanks for stopping by, sweetheart! Angua and I have known each other for YEARS…she’s even made an appearance at TucsonTied…ironically enough, in her boyfriend’s Pink Rope bondage.

    Backgrounds are a weak point to some degree…I need to “jazz” mine up a bit; put some potted plants about, more pictures on the wall, other things like that. I’d LOVE to do some “trunk” biondage (the captive is tied in the back of a car trunk) or “van” bondage, but Tucson’s weather (108 degrees in the shade…lol) precludes that. I’ll work on it. 😉

  3. Hi Tony, been a little while.
    I agree with Angua that the new style looks great.

    If you want to use a pink rope then thats your choice. There is a school of thought that says Hemp rope is the only stuff to use, but thats itchy. I like the white rope.

    Guess what I am getting at is everything in moderation. Some of it is is “snob value” all this criticism coming your way.

    Dont worry about the backgrounds either. Studios can cost a fortune. You can get some good photos using natural light usually from south facing windows.

    Anyway, you’re the photographer and know all this technical stuff, and I just like getting tied up, lol.
    Emma x

  4. EMMA!! Hiya…how are ya? Folks, Emma was one of my biggest fans and best responders from my “Blogspot” blog…glad you found me here, dear…welcome!

    The pink rope is completely gone…it’s out of my regular rope bag, and another local photographer has agreed to take it off my hands; I’m sure he’ll find it a great home! I’m preferring the hemp-substitute I’m using and the white…has a much more reealistic look to it. Backgrounds…I need to make the place look a little more “alive” with some plants and other such props…things that’re on the way 😉

  5. So I live in Tucson and I’m very vanilla, but I’m also curious. Shibari appeals to me but I also don’t know if I would freak out or not being tied up. Do you know of any one in town who would be willing to tie me up and who is gentle with beginners?

  6. Hmmmmm.

    Are you on Fetlife or have any way of sending me pics? I might know of somebody…another producer like myself, but who has a more artistic approach.

    Let me know!! Thanks…hope I can help you with this!


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