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  1. Sorry to hear you’re still going thru this petty B.S. 🙁
    Childhood bullies never really go away do they (they just change hands – your boss, the I.R.S., the local flat foot fining you for whatever, etc.)? That’s not meant to be a dig against cops by the way (well not all cops – I had two uncles in the force). Just loathe tickets (and paying money I don’t have in general).
    Good to be reading newer posts though (course I could’ve just clicked thru some of the yahoo groups I subscribe to too)! -FACE PALM!- Glad you’ve been able to squelch the spam – two of my email accounts and at least two (non-fetish related) websites I’m fond off haven’t fared so well. Stay vigilant my new Windows 7 Core i7 freshly paid off Toshiba laptop scared the @#$%!!! out of me a week ago by popping up some unusual error messages and then the blue screen of death! Rebooted, rolled back to a previous save point and coughed up $30 to ditch freeware Avast! antivirus and replace it with McAfee that seems to have done the trick (-whistles nervously while throwing salt over his shoulder)
    Been meaning to ask ya, do you have a pay by month or prepay option to subscribe to TucsonTied? Saw the 1-800 (1-900?) subscription option. Been meaning to subscribe to ya since forever (actually chastised someone for posting Tucson Tied pics on Flickr but that’s another story). Not having to stress being rebilled will help me check that off my to do list – just an idea.
    Sorry to put up a wall of text here (not trying to steal you’re nom-de-plume or anything) 😉 Just been a rough week and it looks like it’s going to be a long hot summer (could be worse, a dreary grey summer with nothing but rain would be even more aggravating)!

  2. I’m gonna forward this to my webmaster and see what he says. 🙂 When I get an answer, I’ll post it here. 🙂

    Flick’r huh? (curses under his breath…) Yah, that site is a nuisance for content producers like myself…thanks for standing up for me! Now, let me tell you this…if and ONLY if my watermark (the “©2012TucsonTied.com” mark on the pic) is still there, chastising isn’t really necessary…just put a comment on the pic saying who the model is and a link to my site. 🙂 However, if the mark is cribbed out…GIVE THEM HELL (lol) and send me privately (you still have my e-mail address, right?) a link to it so I can file DMCA paperwork with Flick’r and have the offending pic removed. 🙂

    Thanks for your continuing support…it’s REALLY appreciated, m’man!! 🙂

    • All the photos I’ve seen (that are Tucson Tied) DO in fact have the Tucson Tied logo on it. And me and the other Flickr member kind of came to a gentlemen’s agreement. I was asking about a pic he had of a model (who’s name I don’t recall) for another site if he had any more. His response was something to the effect that he did, he just didn’t want to put the out there for everyone ’cause he emails the owner of that site regularly (sound familar 😉 ?) And I mentioned your site (he had some of the samples I see floating around the yahoo groups). There’s a bunch out there I have lots I’ve accumulated myself (and the occasional mpeg and/or DVD purchase) from this blog, the Stacie Snow Fan Group (very artistic pose Stacie has on her title page right now) and TusconTied Yahoo site And I give your site a shout every now and again. Posted a Tucson Tied link on a Yahoo club if my memory serves me correctly….. Now if I can only remember which yahoo site (-groan-)!

      So sign up and then cancel (the recurring) membership still gives you 30 days access? Makes sense why the @#$%!!! didn’t I think of that?!!!! It’s the end of the month so I’ll pay rent, then clear out some credit card balances, then see what I have to work with – Thanks for the quick response Tony! 🙂

  3. K…I wanted to be sure the advice I was about to give you was correct…my webmaster tells me I have it right. 🙂

    Here’s the thing: if you cancel your membership, even as soon as you make it, you’ll still have a month’s access. I see it all the time…I get e-mails from CCBill when people sign up and when they cancel, and some cancel as soon as they sign up. 🙂

  4. Joined! Merry downloading left and right (WOW! There’s a lot of content on your site)!
    Like the new headline on your blog,”From: Yours in Overly Written Prose, Tolstoy Tony”!

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