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  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Cleaning out the hard drive is good. Backing up your stuff is another good reason to have an external storage drive. I have lost a bunch of stuff to crashes. These days I back up grocery list.

    Janessa is looking very fetching today. Loosing pictures of her would be a crying shame!

  2. Having a bigger, newer Hard Drive to store all your data is ALWAY’S a good thing (points off for not posting a link to where you got your new hard drive Tony)! But I don’t have an XBox anyway, I’m strictly a PC Gamer.
    If I recall correctly, there’s some pic’s of the lovely Janessa on the TucsonTied Yahoo group (too lazy to look it up right now).

  3. Tony, I thought this was Sasha Fae for a moment – do they look kind of alike in person?

    I take it you can’t back up to the Cloud with your xBox, using Carbonite or one of the Cloud drive services?

    • No, not really. Janessa’s Hispanic while Sasha is Caucasian. And about 2-3 inches taller…lol. 😉 Of course, height doesn’t show up in pics…I’m just stating dimensions. Janessa is also a few pounds heavier than Sasha…and that’s not me calling Janessa “fat”; neither woman fits that description…that’s just me being accurate. 🙂

      I’m not much into the “Cloud” (unless Steam uses Cloud storage and I wasn’t aware of it). We’re talking PC Gaming here…and after all the crap Micro$oft put us gamers thru with the XBOX “Orwell”, as I like to call it, there will never be an XBOX in my household. “Deal with it”, Micro$oft. 🙂 I’ve never seen a company act so poorly towards consumers during all the talk about DRM and their bizarre and harmful to gamers policies. They may have been good for MS to survive in the gaming world, but the way they tried to put them on gamers by forcing it down our throats was absurd. Admittedly, with piracy running rampant, they need to make changes…putting DRM onto consumers as forcefully as they did was not the way to go about it.

      And did you notice that even after they no longer made it necessary for the Kinect (or “Micro$oft’s window into our homes”, as I like to call it) to be on the machine, they still forced consumers to buy one, instead of making a bundle without one? I feel sorry for consumers that bought an XBOX One and paid $100 for an extra piece of hardware they never intend to use…it’s unfair at the least.

      Mini-gaming rant over. 🙂

  4. Don’t ask me, Tony – my gaming platform is my iPad, and my main game is Angry Birds Star Wars! I’m sure I could play a more elaborate game on it than that if I wanted – but honestly, I mostly play when I’m in the passenger seat taking a rest while we’re driving somewhere, or waiting for a doctor’s appointment….

    Can’t blame you for being pissed at MSFT – I’m less than thrilled at how they deal with things myself. I think the Kinect is potentially a great idea – but like the Surface tablets (or a lot of potentially great ideas Sony had), it’s only of any use if a LOT of people want to use them, and making them high-priced specialty items with onerous DRM? Is NOT the way to do it!

  5. Quote TolsoyTony,”Janessa’s Hispanic while Sasha is Caucasian. And about 2-3 inches taller…lol. 😉 Of course, height doesn’t show up in pics…I’m just stating dimensions. Janessa is also a few pounds heavier than Sasha…”
    Careful, CAREFUL Tony (-waggles finger-)! Yeah, I know you immediately followed that with stating that neither lady is “fat” (can clearly see that Janessa is gorgeous, and as Sasha – too lazy to look up a Flickr/Yahoo photo post to prove the point). But MY point is that you were veering dangerously into “Honey, do these jeans make my butt look fat?” territory. Just saying. Don’t want to hear about you developing a serious limp or any other kind of injury because of a misunderstanding with a model! 😛

  6. Quote Tolstoy”Doing this stuff is one part writer, two parts diplomat.” Enuf’ said. Besides how many of us get to put a bevy of beauties in tight bondage? Living vicariously through you Tony! 🙂

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