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  1. Just finished checking out Nikki Darling’s newest photos, (the one with her in the yellow mini.) Man, I think I’m in love, or at least lust.

    One of the things I like about this shoot is the way her dress rides up. I loooove panty-peeks. I think it’s because I get the sense that I’m seeing something illicit, something I’m not supposed to see. That’s a turn-on. No fruit is sweeter than forbidden fruit….

    And now I think I’m gonna head over to Model Mayhem and check out this Ginger Lee.

  2. You won’t be sorry…Ginger’s a hottie to be sure! Not only that, but apparantly she’s getting popular as well…I’m in the middle of a “producer sandwich” where she’s concerned…NaughtyTies will get her first, then me, then she’ll be working with none other than RopExpert! Up and coming star, here!

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