3 comments on “Trina Vlog

  1. Now why does Trina sound like she originally hails from the East Coast to my ear (say N.Y.)? Probably wishful thinking…. And she got a hold of your WHAT when you (accidentally, no doubt) HURT her?!!! Doesn’t sound like you Tony! Wonder how the heck Trina got a hand free? Guess I gotta resubscribe soon.

    • Nah, I didn’t hurt her…I was tying her at the time, pulled a knot to where I thought it’d be fine and it wasn’t…and she told me of if by grabbing me where it counted…lol! 😉 This was a first shoot, so I was finding her tolerances, working slowly. 🙂 And no hand got free…I was standing behind her about to gag her when all of a sudden, I felt fingers at my member…lmao! Too much FUN sometimes!

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