2 comments on “Tuesday : Domino

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Tony! Give the poor girl back her shoes. Her feet are cold. The rest of her looks great.

  2. Nah, Art! Tie her toe’s together and loop her into a snug hogtie and be a MEAN kidnapper! 😉
    Just goofing (or fantasizing, take your pick – no offense meant to any models past or present intended).
    Great pic’s Tony! Curious about what the rest of this set might entail. Does Domino get tied in a balltie, hogtie, does she get moved from the bed to a trunk or closet? Etc. Tempted to browse Unlimited Bondage http://estore.surfnetcorp.com/store/UnlimitedBondage/products.cfm?id=241
    Even though I KNOW it’s probably too early for these photos. Have to make do with the video clip, I guess! See http://estore.surfnetcorp.com/store/UnlimitedBondage/products.cfm?fullid=D186E857-A057-12CB-3657C692A37F47CA&id=0

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