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  1. Treetings from Texas,
    The Reliant looks great. I would be tempted to put up a couple of Klingon or Romulan (SP?) ships as well, but sticking to Star Fleet ships is nice.

    I’m not sure where you would find a ’68 Thunderbird. If you stumble across the old Lingberg Rand Navion kit while you’re looking, let me know.


    • I’ve had small levels of success with eBay…they have them, but people want alomst extortion-level amounts of money for it; kinda sad what happens when someone thinks they have something that is “rare”. They probably could’ve made sales years ago, but they’re holding out for that pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow…

  2. Excellent, Tony!

    Now you just need a Klingon Bird of Prey and some fiberoptic cable to simulate phaser fire, and you’ve got it made!

  3. “Silver Thunderbird” – Marc Cohn
    Watched it coming up Winslow
    Down South Park Boulevard
    Yeah it was looking good from tail to hood
    Great big fins and painted steel
    Man it looked just like the bat mobile
    With my old man behind the wheel
    Well you could hardly even see him in all of that chrome
    The man with the plan and the pocket comb
    But every night it carried him home
    And I could hear him saying
    Don’t you give me no Buick
    Son, you must take my word
    If there’s a God in heaven
    He’s got a Silver Thunderbird
    You can keep your Eldorados
    And the foreign car’s absurd
    Me, I wanna go down
    In a Silver Thunderbird….. -see http://www.jango.com/music/Marc+Cohn?l=0
    Like the original series movie Star Trek starships the most I think. Still watch my DVD copy of “The Wraith of Khan” from time to time. The new Star Trek reboot’s have their moments, but I’d just as soon watch some Star Trek fan fiction on YouTube (hate what they’ve done to the new Enterprise warp nacelle’s). Good luck on your future modeling (&models!). Rather see some more starships or maybe aircraft as far as modeling goes. Never had the patience or the “knack” for building models myself (didn’t stop me from driving myself nut’s trying when I was a kid)

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