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  1. “Off to increase my rope stock…” Oh now THERE’S something that doesn’t come up in conversation very often (going to buy stock in rope – wha???)? LOL!
    Great photo of C.J., like how she’s tilted her head slightly to look at the camera. Bunch of possibilities of what could be going through the “captive damsel’s” mind. Legs well tied (above AND below the knee – very nice, she’s not going anywhere until she’s untied), snug crotchrope with vibrator tied into it, perky breasts squeezed out between the ropes wrapped around her chest, can just notice that her arms are tied at the elbows behind her back. Excellent ropework, well done!
    ONLY thing I could ask for (besides buying the set and seeing more angles of her) is some clothespins/clamps on her nipples (yeah, I know, beating a dead horse – I KNOW)! 😛
    But what it if her roommate was doing laundry and left some clothespins lying around? It COULD happen, and C.J. certainly wasn’t going to the laundry mat in that outfit (which looks great on her by the way), maybe someone ordered chinese takeout and left some chopsticks (and rubber bands) lying around?
    It’s only because I like your work that I’m such a pest Tony. After the New Years we’ll see what my credit card balances (and hard drive space) looks like and what “present’s” I can get for me! Sorry for the loooong reply, off to get some groceries myself….

  2. Greetings from Texas,
    There’s never enough rope. The fair C.J. is looking very nice here, both her atire (what she’s still wearing) and her restraints. Tony, you do good work!

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