5 comments on “Wednesday

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    Good for you on giving blood. With my hi-blood pressure meds they won’t let me…or at least wouldn’t the last time I asked.

    Wonderful pictures of Stacie.


  2. Great job donating blood! Even better job on the pics of the absolutely edible Stacey!

    I have a small correction, though: McCartney didn’t sing “Tuesday Afternoon.” That would have been Justin Hayward and The Moody Blues. One of my favorite songs of theirs!

    • Yah, you’re right about the song, oops. ;). Thought about it and can’t imagine why I credited Paul…meh; getting old DOES suck…first thing to go is the memory. 🙂

  3. No probs! After being “forced” to work with Stacie (whose name I misspelled the other day! OOOPS!) I can understand the lack of memory! One look at her, and I’d forget my name!

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