2 comments on “Wednesday : Autumn Shaylee

  1. Greetings from Texas,
    I hope you got the poacher sorted out. I don’t understand what these fools think they’re doing. Your work is well known. You have offered to let folks use your photos as long as you are credited. They think you’re not going to find out you’re photos have been stolen?

    In a way I’m glad they’re not producing their own pictures. Considering their ethics, I would be worried about a lady in their ropes.


    • Ultimately, he shut himself down. He had a pic forcibly removed by site admin, who then reminded him of what the lay of the law and Copyright really is, and he understood and removed all of his images…the one of mine, dozen or so of Dave’s, and the multitude he had up from other artists. :/ He seemed apologetic, but there was a bit of a twang in there that made me wonder if, not publicly, he was cussing up a storm. Re-crop a photographer’s works and post them how you like and expect us NOT to become upset? Dream on. :/

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