One comment on “WEEKEND!! Cobie

  1. Benny Hill episodes are classic! Love the opening montages (or was it the closing)? Been so long since PBS aired that. Heavy Metal (both one and two) are great anime (can’t believe I haven’t added that to my DVD collection yet). Great samples of Colbie (like the 2nd and 4th samples where you can see your duffelbag of rope in the shot)! Thought Colbie had retired as she hadn’t updated her main site in a while – was happy to be proven wrong when she modeled for you. Is she on TucsonTIed main or is she available on your UnlimitedBondage and/or Clips4sale pages yet? Asking for a friend (-NOT!-)! 😉 😛 Wishing you the best during your weekend, still trying to make it to the weekend myself….

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