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Well, now, that was a pleasure to wake up to!

One of the Yahoo Groups that I’m at has an annual “Fan Favorites Contest”…Rope_Dreams, specifically…here’s the address:

Well…this year, your very own “Tolstoy” made it to the next round of the competition for “Best Rigger/Photographer”!!  Better still, I and my other winners (Jerry, the “Badman” of NaughtyTies, and James Bertoni of ModelsTied) all recieved “byes” in the competition and have all moved to the FINALS!!

This is a real KICK for me as it’s the first time I’ve recieved any kind of nomination in anything for my rigging/photography work…the fact that it’s a FAN voting contest makes it all the sweeter! 

If you’re not a member at Rope_Dreams, sign up and give ol’ Tolstoy a vote in the finals!  Right now, because of the “bye”, voting in the finals won’t happen until Round 2 of three other competitions (Fave Model, Nicest Breasts, and Best Legs) has completed around October 5th, but you can still join up and vote in those categories!!

“Best Rigger/Photographer”…sigh.  😉


It just ocurred to me that there’s many a place out there that ol “Tolstoy” has pages at…here’s some linkage…visit me often!     My Site  Token Page   Clips4Sale page   Blog   Old blog     Yahoo Group    FetLife page  Facebook page    Twitter  (or, @tucsontied  from your cel, naturally)    YouTube page

(Hit those top 3 especially, k?  😉 )   The YouTube page was an expirement…I wanted to see if I could advertise there and not get booted off…I nearly did.  😉  It is a good catalouging of some of my fave YouTube community bondage clips that don’t seem to get deleted, tho.  😉


Ah, me.  Just edited my last Angel set.  Gotta tell you, this is a sad moment for me…she’s officially retired and there’s no chance of working with her to create more bondage magic…damn the luck.  Ah, well…enjoy these shots!!


“What’re you going to do with me?” Angel

The shirt she was wearing that day…just HAD to take this shot…lol.

Kidnapped after a great game of pool… Angel

Darling Nikki

Ah, Nikki!   As I said in the entry with both of them, Nikki’s shoot happened on the day I found out about my sister having cancer.  Let’s be honest here…I was a fucking wreck.  Worried half out of my mind and sick to my stomach (tho that might have come from the fact that when the news first hit, around breakfast, I couldn’t eat…lol), I just told myself to gut it out…it’ll be good for me.

I couldn’t have been more right.

Being in Stacie and Nikki’s company that night completely cleared my head and got me back on the proper path again…they helped me to forget a terrible day and got me back where I needed to be.  Thanks to both of you for that, by the way.

So…where to start?  Nikki’s fairly new to bondage, but you wouldn’t know it by working with her…she took my ropework in stride and gave me some “damsel” expressions even I couldn’t believe.  I seriously think she had the “damsel” thing rocking just as good as Vivian did when I worked with her…that’s how impressed I was.

Gorgeous eyes, huh? Nikki Darling

We started out with the above outfit and a simple chair tie.   It may look simple from this angle, but I rocked it on the back (you’ll see that when the pics hit the site).   She didn’t complain at all, and took every pass of the rope in stride.   I was really impressed with her…what a doll.

Nikki Darling in Gold…

I told her I wanted a dress for the second set…she found a honey of one!  Again with the expression…check her face in this shot!  Don’t you just want to jump in and save her?  😉   She’s definitely a tape gag model…I tried a cleave just before we shot this and didn’t like it.  She told me I wouldn’t, bless her…lol.  She knows her looks and what works best for her…definitely a good quality for a model.  I’ll hire her again many a time just for that self-expertise.  But I still will try a ball gag on her…just for looks.  I just have to know how it looks on her… 😉

She’s a sweetheart…and one of the models I regret having to gag, as her voice is just as sweet as she is.   LOL…in communications after the shoot, she told me I was a “peach”.  That got the first, “Awwwwww…that was sweet,” from me that I’ve delivered in months…more than likely a step up from just a “Teddy Bear” (which is what I usually get) too, right?  🙂  Definitely a wonderful gal and somebody I’m loving the idea of working with again…and again…and again…and…..


PS: Random thoughts to close this out…”Totino’s” pizzas, tho small by frozen-pizza-industry-standards, are still the yummiest things out there.  Gobbled down one as I was typing this, and I’m satisfied…even more so than when I get a cardboard pizza like a Red Baron for three times the price.     Word.      And ice cream sandwiches are the fucking BOMB!  Those come next… 😉

Meh.  Slow day, so I’m taking the opportunity to catch up on the archiving of my stuff.  Putting the material on disc…some on cd, some on dvd depending on how much material each model has.

A guy at Facebook offered to buy both.  Wasn’t sure how to take that…was he just asking for prices on material, or was he a rich dude who wanted to buy everything I’ve shot in 3 years time?

One could only wish…le sigh.  How much would I even charge someone to buy everything I’ve shot over the last three years, anyway?!  Ponders…..

Gonna be thinking about this for at least three weeks now…thanks, a LOT!


Gonna be light on the words and humor…if you’ve read the “Angel” post you’ll understand…until I come to terms with it all, my heart’s just not into the humor…I know you understand.Shot with Stacie again and her LOVELY friend Nikki.  It’s been a while since I did a 2 model shoot…forgot how much FUN they are.  The two of them really propped up my sagging spirit and helped me to smile a bit even tho I’m scared out of my mind for my sis.

Some samples…

Lingeried Stacie Snow, soon to go into Bondage

Lingerie and stockings bound…Stacie Snow

Nikki Jones

The following is a reposting from my Yahoo Group.  It’s relevant here as well, so I thought I should share with you  here as well.


Well, now that my emotions have calmed down, I can write about this. Brace
yourselves, this may get long or full of sap, tho…lol.

You all know about Angel. Model of mine…we first started as producer and
model, grew to become friends, became better friends, then “adopted” each other
and now think of each other as brother and sister…even call each other that in
all our communications between each other.

Hadn’t heard from her in a bit, so I wrote her to see how she was doing. Got a
scary answer back from her this morning…she has Cancer.

Scary moments for me…had no other info, just “Cancer”. This hit me just as
hard as it did when my blood-Uncle was diagnosed with it…I panicked a bit, let
some raw emotion go.

She called me just before I went into work…it’s bad, but not as bad as I
thought. Ovarian cancer, caught in the very early stages. She next sees the
docs on the 8th of next month and they decide the next phases of the treatment:
remove the ovaries, chemo, or what’s necessary. For the most part, she feels
fine right now (had an IM convo with her while at lunch too)…so far so good.

I’d like to make a call-out to the Group to send her some well-wishes. If
you’re a fan, or would just like to send her some good wishes, either send them
here (I’ll forward them on to her) or you can send them to my e-mail:

and I’ll see to it that she gets them.

Thank you, gang…and keep my “sis” in your prayers.

“Tolstoy” Tony

In my 3 years of doing this, I think I haven’t had this happen yet.  Huh.

Well, there’s a first time for everything, I guess…I’m going to be working with a new model this Thursday.  Stacie and I will be doing our now usual every other Thursday photo session (hey, when you have a GREAT model, you don’t let her get away, after all… 😉 ), but there’ll be another face in the room…another gal I’ll be working with as well.

I just can’t brag about her…as I don’t know what her “model” name is yet…lmao. 

It just never came up in conversation…I know she’s gorgeous…hot as HELL, even…but I don’t have a “name” to call her by just yet.

All I can say is watch this space…a gorgeous new brunette is going to make her TucsonTied debut right here, very soon…

You won’t be disappointed.  😉


Meh.  I’ve recently gotten a Facebook page for TucsonTied…

Add me, friend me, stalk me, whatever.  😉

It’s really funny how bondage-y that site has gotten of late.  When I first went on, it just seemed like another “social” page (I even made my page “vanilla” and devoted it to me), but now I that I have the TucsonTied page, it seems more models and producers have found me than so-called “normal” folks…lol.

Had a run-in at FetLife that is making me think twice about keeping this page…the higher-ups at Fetlife threatened me with a 48 hour deletion notice unless I made changes to my page; mainly making it about “Tony” more than about “TucsonTied”…mainly because if read wrong by the average page visiter, the page could be taken as one big advertisment for my site.

I didn’t care much for being threatened (I can play by the rules without deletion motivation, thank you very much), but I do see their point.  If the focus of the site is to help folks find a mate with a fetish bend, then putting the “TucsonTied” name at the top of the page is kind of misleading.  At FetLife, am I looking for a lover and full-time gal pal to help with the site and possibly model for it as well?  Indeed…tho I also enjoy the social aspects of hanging out with fetish-minded people who enjoy the work that I do.  If I get a subscription or two (or thirty…lol) from my Fetlife page as well, then that’s great!!  It’s not like I’m putting the page up for that purpose, but if it happens…

Ah, I’m at peace with it now…it’s their site and their site rules; and I also understand why they made it like that.  Makes me wonder if I should keep the Facebook page at all, tho…fortunately, I’m not overly attached to it, so I could dump it at a moment’s notice.  Facebook seemed like the place everyone was going…and I can’t put my own real name to my TucsonTied page as my BOSS AT THE VANILLA JOB is already on my personal page.  The crew there is pretty ok about personal lives and could deal, I suppose, but why take chances, right?

Well, anyway…friend me at facebook if you already have a page there…it’ll be a change-up from all the horny s.o.b’s who can’t read text and for some reason think I’m a hawt chick named Stacie Snow.  😉


PS: I’ve already been HIT ON at FB by these morons…I’ve never “played along” with the fantasy because I’d really be playing in Stacie’s name (as these morons think I’m her).  Told her about this and she died laughing…and told me to go ahead and have fun with it, as long as I set it straight at the end.  If this happens, I’ll run an edited (names removed, natch) play-by-play here.  If you can’t read, prepare to flirt with a 265 lb, 6’2″ hairy ass Italian MALE…lmao!!

Used to be when we heard music, we were happy and joyous.  Hearing random music was a good thing.

Now, when we hear music, we check our cellphones to see if that was ours going off.  Maybe the boss called and I have to go in to work today; or maybe the wife called to ask us to stop for a loaf of bread; or maybe…