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I originally wrote this at Stacie’s Yahoo Group…reproducing it here for you all to read as well.

Spent a good portion of the day with our lady (Stacie Snow) today…she had a bondage shoot with a “new” (meaning, this was the first shoot they’d had together) producer, El Coyote.  It’s great that she wants me to be there for her for these new shoots…I’m only happy to oblige.

Well…we get there (and with my piss poor navigational skills, it was a small miracle I got there at all…lol), we walked in and introduced ourselves…and when I saw a pic of Coyote on the wall, according to all of them, I lost all the color in my face…and the ability to speak as well.  So what was so shocking that could drive “Tolstoy” Tony speechless?

Coyote and I went thru school together.  And when I say “school”, I don’t just mean high school…I mean our entire fraggin’ education…elementary school, junior high school AND freakin’ high school!  When we graduated high school (in 1983), we lost touch…and haven’t seen each other since.  TWENTY SIX years later, here we are…BOTH bondage photographers!!

The AZ school system must’ve been turning out some interesting people when he and I were passing thru it…lmao!

So, what did I mean by the title of this entry? (At Stacie’s Yahoo Group, this was titled, “Writing this because Stacie said I would” or something like that.)  In the post-shoot wrap-up, we were talking, and Stacie mentioned that I was gonna blog about this as it really is an interesting set of circumstances…I mean who KNEW, right?  How could you know???

The blog’s my next stop.  😉

So…not only Facebook can reunite old friends…apparantly, bondage can as well.  Kinda cool, no?

So, OK…that’s my “Tolstoy” for the evening…we now return you to your regular Stacie Snow Yahoo Group.  (I just wish the so and so had told me he was interested in bondage way back when…lmao!!)

Amused with life,
Tolstoy Tony, TucsonTied

Brace yourselves…I feel a LONG one coming on…lol.

So sorry I’ve been away, gang…the daily work grind has been more of a grind than EVER lately.  Haven’t even had time to destress with my lovely pictures of late…I’m beginning to miss the editing…which immeadiatly tells me that I’ve been away from it for too long as I hate editing…lol.  If I actually MISS it, then there’s something wrong going on.  Sometimes I wish that I could up and quit the vanilla job outright, but my bills wouldn’t possibly allow it.  There are guys out there who live entirely off their site earnings…I’d love to be right there with them.  Don’t get me wrong, TucsonTied has been supporting itself for quite a while now and paying for 2 shoots a month by itself without any help from me, but I need it to do far better than that to allow me to be able to bring in more models, do more shoots and such.  Hope that didn’t sound like a desperate plea for more monthly members (lol), but honestly, it would certainly help.

Had a Thursday where I actually didn’t shoot…GASP!  It did feel like a “model” day tho as I had lunch with Stacie Snow…she has been going on for a few days about a greasy spoon here in town we should try…and she “popped my (insert name of place) cherry” as she put it (lol) today.  OMG…we ate there HOURS ago, but I’m still BEYOND full, and probably still will be in the morning.  I’ve even got what I call “thirsty mouth” going on…I’m really thirsty, but if I drink anything to calm it, my gut’s gonna burst…lol.  We’re gonna do it againsometime soon, at another of these places, this one close to my work…should be fun!

Getting there was half the adventure…yeesh.  There’s major construction going on in Tucson, and much of it has hit the streets.  Well, as I was driving thru the orange and white pylons, making damn sure to obey the reduced speed limits, what did I see out of the corner of my eye, but something that looked like someone holding a gun at me!  Closer inspection proved it to be a motorcycle cop with his radar gun…thank the LORD I was behaving myself…lol.  Sucker was hidden damn good too…I just barely saw him, and then the shadowing of the spot he was in kept him well hidden.  I nervously watched him get smaller in my rear view as I passed on by…and then saw him escort some poor sap to the side of the road just as he fell out of view.   

Not too much farther down the road, I came to a stop, then felt a tap from behind move my car up about an inch or so.  It was such a small hit, I didn’t even realize I’d been smacked…lol.  Naturally we got out of our cars, and the guy behind me was falling all over himself apologizing…well, I couldn’t see a thing wrong with the car, so I just told him to go back to his car…you get a “mulligan” (“this never happened”…i.e., you get a free pass on this one) this time.  I just hope fate and karma is just as kind to me the next time I do something stupid…lol.

Bought the movie, “Star Trek” today.  Seeing it at home struck up the same passions for me that it did in the theatres…dunno why, but this movie hits me like a freight train…I’m more of a fan of  Star Trek than even I realized, I guess.  I felt myself well up several times…weird. 

OK, enough for now.  If you can, please join the site and help out Tony’s “retire from the regular workforce, join the bondage photography only one”…lol. 

Peace, y’all!


Are you guys SURE you don’t want a custom set done with Stacie Snow?  REALLY?!  Geez, LOUISE, you should all see what I see…the latest stuff we did was absolutely f’kin’ BRILLIANT.  I’m really loving the latest stuff that she and I put together…some of our sexiest EVER, and considering who we’re talking about, that’s saying something…to top what she and I’ve already done would mean setting the bar HIGH!!  Stacie and I have done some fan-freaking-TASTIC stuff before; this time…just OMG.  And the VIDEO!!!!!

This girl’s gonna give me a freaking heart attack while editing stuff today. 😉

As usual, Tolstoy’s talking too much…have a look!

CURVES!!! (And nice boobs too. ;)) Stacie Snow

Resigned to her fate… Stacie Snow

Ah, GEEZ…not the frikkin’ ball gag again… Stacie Snow

Yes, dear…the frikkin’ ball gag again. Ain’t I a stinker? 😉