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From my Yahoo Group…

I love life’s little ironies.

Get this one, folks: I’m at ModelMayhem about to answer a message from Candle
Boxxx when I look on the front page and see a picture of a GORGEOUS, leggy
blonde named Ginger Lee. Well, those’re two of Tolstoy’s three weaknesses right
there (blonde and leggy…my third is a good pout; if a woman pouts at me, I’m
dead meat…lol), so I decide to look her online portfolio over.

Very impressed, was I.

Beautiful woman…she was just about everything I look for when talent scouting
for TucsonTied. But, thought I, she couldn’t possibly do bondage…that’s of
course when I saw her fetish shots…lol. Mild to say the least…but there was
at least enough there for me to send her off a note of introduction and see if
she’d be interested in a shoot.

She was! And now we’re set for a March 7th shoot…color me happy!

Here’s where the fun begins. I begin messaging her at Mayhem and she’s
extremely pleasant to talk to. She mentions that one of her photographers was
shocked to find that he was working with “THE” Ginger Lee. “The”, huh? I just
let the comment go. A few days later, I go to a strip club with my buddy Dave
Annis, and what name is on the marquee but GINGER LEE!!!


So, I ask her about it…and sure enough, it’s HER! I’m set to work with a
feature performer at clubs…and a major XXX star!!!

Ain’t life grand? 😀 Went to her first show last night and met her (the club’s
keeping her busy during this 3 day stay in Tucson…no shooting for me until
March, sadly)…she’s a total DOLL! Southern accent like you wouldn’t believe
(it’s gonna ba a shame to gag her…lol), gorgeous and totally sexy! Sweet
personality too…I’m going to LOVE roping her up in the classic, tough and
TIGHT TucsonTied style soon!

So…coming in March, I’m working with “THE” Ginger Lee! 😀

Loving life’s little ironies…

From my Yahoo Group…

Yet another period of silence from Tolstoy…ah, me. Sorry, gang. I hate these periods of inactivity almost as much as you guys must, but they seem like they’ll be fewer and far between and I’ll be shooting more starting next month…

Feburary opens for me with the uber-lovely Stacie Snow and I knocking out or 10th shoot together. Huh…10 shoots…what’s the “gift” for the 10th? Really tight bondage, maybe? 😀 Should be fun and I’m looking forward to having her back in my ropes…it’s been a while!

Later in the month brings Lola Lynn back to the Old Pueblo for a second round of tight bondage and gags (you think she’d’a learned from the first hit, but nooooooo….lol). I’m looking forward to actually meeting Lola this time. Yes, you read that right…she was indeed here with me last time, but she was battling a stomach flu at the time we were working (testament to her toughness), so I never really got to meet her. Should be a blast!

March is looking to be an interesting story. I’m going to make a seperate post about this in it’s entirety, but suffice it to say, Ginger Lee will be making an appearance in my ropes, and I’m STOKED. You won’t wanna miss this one!

OK, off to write a bit about Ginger…more later!


Hello, all!  Sorry for the absentia…life in general has been messing with me.  Won’t go into specifics, but it’s been a rough stretch of road.  Definitely light at the end of the tunnel, tho…but as of late, life and I have been fighting, and life is winning…lol.

Anyway…I’m back on the editing trail, and just wanted to share a few pics with you all.  Stacie Snow in black lingerie, and Stiletto, from our first shoot, back when I was using that funky blue rope.  Take care…catch ya next blog!


Stacie Snow. The ironic part is, I told her I was gonna take it EASY on her this shoot…yeesh.

Somebody’s been struggling…lol. Stacie mussed up all that purty hair…


One more of Stiletto…