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Can’t post the actual pics of Izzie I have here as they were given to me specifically for Stacie’s Yahoo Group, but I figure it’s OK to link here to there.  That pic was donated to Stacie’s Yahoo Group, along with many others by the FABULOUS JBRoper ( ).

FANS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS OF STACIE: She stuill has limited availability for FetishCon!  If you’d like to work with Stacie and her REAL-LIFE MOM (as I am), contact her at the Yahoo Group listed above for booking details.

If you’re a Stacie Snow fan (and if you aren’t, why not? lol), join up with her Group…I’m the main Mod there, so you’ll get my wordiness along with a lot of other fun, cool and Stacie-related stuff.  😉


I think I’m gonna keep this as a regular article and add to it as these ridiculous comments come thru and get caught by the spam blockers.  Some of these are absolutely f’kin’ hilarious!!!

 August 20-   “HELP! I’m currently being held prisoner by the Russian mafia and being forced to post spam comments on blogs! If you don’t approve this they will kill me.  They’re coming back now. Please send help! ” 

There was linkage inbetween to a “penis enlargement” site…by removing them, we get the opportunity to laugh at them without furthering the spam cause.  So, yah, like the Russian Mafia has nothing better to do than force penis enlargement spam under threat of death…hey, how else are they going to afford to operate in this world economy?  Crime powered by larger penises!!!!!  Bah-hahahahahahahahahaha-haha!!!  🙂

August will be quite the month for yours truly…I’m really looking forward to it.  First of all, we have the annual event FetishCon  It’s the 5th-8th of August.  You should consider going, fans and friends!  I’ll be there, working and hobnobbing with some of the internet’s most famous bondage models and producers.  It’s not just for play, tho…I’ll be doing some work as well. 

Only 2 shoots booked…but, honestly, that’s how I wanted it.  I want to take in some lectures (yep, they actually have lectures there…I’ll especially be taking in one on the 2257 rule), and see the actual trade show itself.  I  make it a habit to buy at least one ball gag every FetCon…it’s like a tradition…lol.  😉  Might even invest in one of those “harness gag” thingy’s…tho lord knows if I do, I’ll get a ton of criticism from m’buddy Dave Annis about how it’s not built right and I got ripped off…lol.  😉

The two shoots themselves?  Well, I’m working with a duo…and a couple of Isobel’s.  SERIOUSLY!   First up is the magnificent Isobel Wren.  I’ve been wanting to tie this lovely gal since almost I started at the gig, and the stars have finally came into alignment this ‘con.  Her background at this is from the extreme to the light, which lets me know that I’ll be able to do a BUNCH o’ bondages and show off some of my finest rope stylings.  The biggest shock came when she told me she still had booking availability.  SERIOUSLY!  My jaw almost hit the floor (as did ElCoyote’s when I told him) when I read this from her…hopefully it picks up for her, as I’ve found her to be a total sweetheart and I’d love for her to get everything out of ‘con she can. 

GAWD, coffee can be so GOOD sometimes…jus’ sayin’.  😀

The pair, I think you know about, if you’ve been following this blog…Stacie and Izzie Snow.  Here’s the other “Isobel” for ya…”Izzie” is short for “Isobel”, natch.  I could more than likely shoot with Stacie here in town, but hey…I’ll probably never get the opportunity to shoot with a REAL-LIFE MOTHER/DAUGHTER PAIR again!  Gotta do this one…you fans’d probably never forgive me if I didn’t…nor could I forgive me…lmao!  😉

So…outside FetCon?  Once back home and rested, towards the tail end of the August, I’ll be shooting with the uber-LOVELY Cali Logan.  Lordy, how I wish I had some pics to show off to you all, but trust me…she’s GORGEOUS.  Bless Stacie for letting her know I was available and wanting to shoot with her!  Talks with her have been FAB over at ModelMayhem…this is gonna be some fun shoot!  Again, it seems like I’m gonna be able to go to the extremes on the ropework…she says she can handle it.  W00T!!!!!

And around the same time…brace yourselves…it looks like the best part of my Vegas trip may be making a repeat visit sooner than I ever thought!  BRIE SNOW may be coming into town to visit big sis Stacie, so how could I resist wanting to shoot with her once again?  I know you, her fans would love that, right?

K…that’s about it for now…and Twitter is being SO MUCH FUN right now, I have to get back to it…laters, peeps!


From the Yahoo Group…

Hey, you guys! How’re you doing?

All is well in good ol’ Tucson, AZ…just at a slight bit of a stop for the
moment as I gear up for FetishCon next month. Haven’t been shooting much, but I
should at least change out that main pic…problem is, I kinda like it…lol.
I’ll find something when home and off the cel phone.

(It wound up being this…)

Stacie Snow In Standing Bondage from

These little lapses in communication on my part happen solely because of breaks
in shooting. I’m not shooting, so I get quiet…totally my bad and I’m sorry,
kids. I should at least post here about the latest sets going up to the main
site or some such thing…ah, well.

I also have something else filling the shoot hiatus time…Stacie Snow found
herself in need of a Moderator for her Yahoo Group and asked me if I’d be
willing…I agreed and have been having a blast helping with that of late. It’s

It gives me a different creative outlet: believe it or not, I have a hard time
talking about myself and playing myself up (no fair making “dodging lightning
bolts” jokes…I’m serious…lol), so being a Mod for her has come a bit easier
and is a freer feeling. I’m loving it…and suddenly wishing I could spread
myself further out and could do it for others as well! It’s been a gas…the
convo over there has been fun and light. But, my duties are first and foremost
here, and I do know that.

So…what IS going on over here? Nothing for the moment…but will when
FetishCon rolls around!!! Just solidified another booking…wonderful model
Isobel Wren and I’ll be working this con as well!! Color me
super-excited…Isobel has been on my Top 10 list of “Models I Wanna Shoot With”
since…well, since almost EVER…lol, and I’m really excited for that one to
happen. Who would’a thunk she’d still have availability this late towards con?!
I sure didn’t…and she has even more available. If you’re going to FetishCon
and would like to book with her, hit me up here privately, and I’ll send you
contact info. You won’t be sorry you did.

That’s about all for this Tolstoy (lol)…I’ll find us a new pic for the front
page tonight. 😉

Yak at ya all later!