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Well, hiya!  Feel like typing a bit…especially since I realized that I’m behind a posting.  I slammed ahead with Cali Logan before posting about Sasha Fae….silly boy.  😉

Sasha Fae

Alright…”teaser” pic posted, story time.   Sasha came to me during the “in between” time between styles of bondage for me.  I was mostly still doing the lighter bondage…but itching to try the “heavier” rope stylings that new found friend Dave Annis was doing.  He recommended Sasha Fae to me, saying I could do some really impressive ropework with her.  He was right.

1st Sasha Fae Bondage shoot

Still my best hogtie to date…Sasha Fae

Top view of that ropework…Sasha Fae

That was a GLORIOUS shoot!  I just wish I could’ve brought her back more…but not only was I unable, but Dave was keeping her PLENTY busy anyway.  We grew kinda close, her and I…matter of fact, just after a shoot of hers with Dave wrapped and we were saying goodbyes (I was assisting), she put a little peck on my cheek just before she left.  No meaning behind it…just a “thank you” between friends.  🙂  First time that ever happened between me and a model…it was kinda special.

Time passes.  In between everything else, I had began helping her get gigs with other photographers…most notably RopExpert (and YES, you can indeed find her on most of his sites, I believe…use the Search Bar there).   After that…we lost touch for about a year and a half.  The “why” was a good reason.  😉  Take a good look at this next pic from the current body of work so it’ll settle in better…

“Secretary” Sasha Fae In TIGHT TucsonTied Bondage

Sasha Fae In TucsonTied TIGHT Rope Bondage

Brace yourself…she had a baby.  🙂  As a matter of fact, that gorgeous body has given birth to THREE kids!!!  OY!!!  We settled in for a shoot literally DAYS after I got home from FetishCon. She actually called me while I was in Florida, looking to reconnect.  We had a glorious time talking that day, and I told her to give me some time once I got home to figure out the rest of my August schedule.  I landed back home on a Monday…that Thursday, I had her in the “studio” shooting the pics you see here.  I was literally that stoked to work with her again!

Hopefully I can have her back again soon….


Cali Logan

WOW…lookit the shine off the pantyhose!!!  Woo-hoo!!!  No ego intended here, kids, but I think I took a great step in the right direction with the photography.   KNEW I had to “up” my game a bit with Cali, and it came about fast!  I’m still not perfect…I’ll never be PERFECT…but I’m pretty dang good at what I do, I think.  😉  (And that’s what’s called “kidding around”…no ego intended.  😉 )

Cali Logan came to me by way of Stacie Snow.  She recommended me to Cali when the two of them shot some wrestling together for another producer…and I bless the day that she did!  Cali was a sweet as the day was long, and could she EVER take tight bondage!  I was impressed…she told me that she could take me at my tightest, so I decided to test that.  She kicked my ass.  EASILY.

HOGTIED!! Cali Logan in TIGHT, TucsonTied style Bondage

We did 4 different sets that night.  Tied her into the above two shown, and a “lotus” tie…and laid her out on my folding couch bed.  Gonna leave those two to your imagination (or the searching out of my other accounts around the net…gigglesnort), as I’m gonna close this with a of shot of her unbound, so you get an idea of how she looks without ropes.  😉  Enjoy.

Cali Logan…minus the ropes. 😉


Yes, by the way…you now do need to register and login before you can comment to the blog.  Sorry; I hate it too…but it became necessary…way too much spam.  Thought it amusing at first, but now I have to take a bit of a stand.  Apologies.