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This was a post to my and Stacie Snow’s Yahoo Group…it’s since been expanded and has been posted in several other places…I’m including it here as well.  To update one thing on it, El Coyote has agreed to help out in the “customs” arena, and can be reached at: to get a custom of Stacie done in his inimitable style.  Me, you can reach at:  Read on…..

The lovely lady in question…

Evening, Stacie fans! 🙂

How was your Thanksgiving? Had a great one here, as did Stacie…and she had a
FABULOUS birthday yesterday as well!

It was TODAY that had a side o’ suck to it. 🙁

Our gal needs her wisdom teeth extracted. I’d make a joke about it not being a
good idea to pull “wisdom” out of her head when she barely HAS any…but she’s
hurtin’, and I’ll be nice. Only, I just did the joke. Oops. 😉

In all seriousness, this is causing a good amount of pain, and she’d like to
have it done asap…trouble is, it’s $1600 to have the procedure done. Double
the “ouch”. 🙁

How can you help? Glad you asked! There’s two ways, actually: firstly, if
you’d like to donate to the (as she put it on Twitter) “Stacie Snow Wisdom Tooth
Extraction Fund” (lol), donations to her PayPal account will gladly be
accepted…any amount will help! She thanks you greatly for any and all
donations…all you have to do is go to the PayPal site, and enter in : and follow the prompts to donate.

Another way? Now is a PRIME time to order customs! 🙂  If interested, let Stacie know at that e-mail address I listed
above (, or me at

Note to my fellow Mod: if you’d like to be added to the custom trail, respond to
this e-mail with your e-mail address so folks can contact you if they’re
interested in having you do a custom shoot with our lady. I just didn’t want to
speak for you. 🙂  (As noted above, he agreed.)

Just like to say this: any and all proceeds from a custom shoot you order from
yours truly will go 100% to Stacie …I stand to make nothing from this,
other than shooting with her. Even if you ask me not to post the
material generated in your custom up on StacieSnowBound…Stacie will
receive every penny from any custom ordered. 🙂 Me, I’m doing what I can to help
a buddy in need…if rent weren’t due soon, she and I would be shooting
Thursday. 🙂

In closing. It’s a TOUGH economy out there…we all know that. If you can’t
help, that’s fine…if you can help, that’s fine as well and VERY much
appreciated. Thanks for listening (well, READING, anyways…lol) another long
and drawn out “Tolstoy”…have a great rest of your evening. 🙂

Mod boy,

Autumn Shaylee…FUN shoot!

Wow…haven’t blogged in a bit.  Bunch o’ crap going on…none of it all that good, unfortunately.  🙁  I’ll weather it thru and survive as always…this sort of adversity builds character, no?  😉

Well, anyway…let me tell you about the latest shoot I did…Autumn Shaylee.  Her second shoot overall…her first bondage shoot was with my good buddy, The Monk of Mayhem.  He discovered her…and I have to admit, he made QUITE a gem of a find in her!  I was very pleased with the results of our shoot together.  😀

First shoots are always fun and interesting.  I know I said this was her SECOND bondage shoot…but it was her first with me…that’s what I’m referring to.  Nerves are running rampant…on both sides.  Yah, I was nervous, believe me!  First shoots are always nerve racking….will we blend ok as artists?  Will we be able to work well together?  Will the boyfriend wind up being 7 feet tall, more muscular than the Hulk, and jealous???  Ok…the last one, I was having fun; but you get the idea.   There’s just so MUCH going on in your head at the time of the shoot other THAN the shoot!

Autumn Shaylee in some good and TIGHT TucsonTied Bondage

Fortunately, that all faded within the first five minutes of hanging out pre-shoot.  I ordered us a pizza and we chomped down and just yakked for a bit…calmed the nerves on both sides, I think.   I think it helped that we’re both iPhone 3GS owners…and we couldn’t tell who was getting texts first…lol.  99% of the time it was her…

You can still text, Autumn? Let me fix that; put you in Bondage and put your hands behind your back…

LORD, it was a busy shoot phone-wise!  If she wasn’t getting a text or asking me to take a cell phone shot for her on her phone (that was fun…and the iPhone camera does better than you might think!), I was getting phone calls myself…lol.  Definitely animated the room and kept us lively…we had fun.  But that wasn’t the only thing that kept us going…

‘Bout halfway thru the shoot, I had Autumn in a “lotus” tie (at her request, yet…I DO like a model who wants to try stuff out…), this tie to be specific:

…when all of a sudden, we hear voices outside.  We decide that if we can hear them, they can hear us…quiet might be in order.  Then, the horror show starts…a knock at the door!!!  Geez, I can’t begin to tell you how scared both of us were!  She’s at LEAST 10 minutes from full freedom (if not longer) and there was somebody at the door!  Well, after a quick exchange of “What should we do?” “Fuck if I know!” between us, I decided to go to the peephole…to find it’s a cable guy, trying to sell me a box.  I sent him away, natch.  PHEW!, but I have to wonder if I could’a gotten a years free cable by opening the door….MASSIVELY KIDDING!!!  😉

The night’s fun wasn’t quite over…she broke my camera!  🙁  Have to think it’s something to do with her screenname at FetLife… “BREAKxthexhorizon (emphasis mine).  I’m taking one of these shots…

Autumn in “lotus” tie Bondage

Just before the break…

…and suddenly, when I took my finger off the shutter button…the button CAME WITH IT!  Really sucks…that camera’s been with me since almost the start…gonna hate to retire it if I can’t either have it fixed or find a way to fix it myself.  Fairly old tho, and I deserve a new one anyways.  🙂  Maybe for Christmas….:D

Overall, a very eventful and FUN first shoot…I really enjoyed hanging out and taking pics with a really beautiful and sweet, fun to work with, new model.  She’ll be back in my studio soon.  🙂