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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, blog-fans!

Haven’t been here in a bit….well, let’s remedy that.  Shot with Stacie Snow a few days ago to get content for the StacieSnowBound site I have going (StacieSnowBound Tour Page)…if we hadn’t shot then, I wouldn’t have been able to get back with her until FEBRUARY, her schedule is so hectic.  She’s jetting between Chicago and ITALY (lucky so and such…can she tell the Italian photog she needs a escort flown with her?  Nooooooo……lol) between now and then.  She’s leaving AZ soonly.  So, what did we shoot?  HOT STUFF, that’s what!

Hands In Front Bondage For Stacie Snow

I rarely do hands in front stuff, but was going thru my old works and saw this pose on another model and thought it deserved another try.  may do it again as it accents the legs and butt, I think.  🙂  Then we went to this…

Stacie Snow

Those blue pumps have been generating a LOT of attention over at FetLife…and I can certainly see why.  They were part of the reason I asked her to wear them…lol.   Next came something kinda funny.  I took this pic:

Stacie Snow doing her best “Vanna White” impression.

for my FetLife fan base, as they keep seeing my video/DVD titles before they see my model bound and gagged in front of the cabinet.  Well, this came back to haunt me during the shoot after I put Ms. Snow in this position…

Stacie Snow in a GREAT “little black dress”.

She started inching her way towards the cabinet (the stool she was sitting on is on wheels) and pointed with her nose at something SHE saw on the cabinet.  After a couple failed attempts to find what she wanted to show me, I found what she was pointing at with her nose…the movie, “Stacy” (LMAO!!!), a Japanese horror flick with girl zombies!  COMPLETE co-incidence…I got the movie YEARS before I even knew her…lol.  Even funnier co-incidence…when I finally paid off my car, the note was signed by a “Stacie”…right down to the spelling of the name!  🙂

Well, at this writing, she’s gearing up for her travels…as always, I wish my good friend a safe journey and much fun while there.  The occasional text message to her good buddy wouldn’t be turned away and would in fact be nice.  (lol!)  Now, it’s time to gear up for ’11 and the fun with damsels within that year.  Sasha…can you hear me calling you to come and be next…?  😉


From my Fetlife page……


Recently, I became “internet buds” (lol) with bondage legend, John Savage (another by-product of my friendship with Dave Annis…he’s known Savage for YEARS). Well, recently, John asked me if he could start using my work on the covers of his “e-books”…I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough…lol. 😉

The first of these that my work is on is up at the link at the top of this page…love it, love it, love it…LOVE IT!!! Go give the man some “click-traffic” and have a look!!!

Incidentally, here’s John’s website where he markets these:

None of mine are up there as yet, but should trickle onto there as time goes by. 🙂 If you’re a fan of well-written prose and fab bondage…this is the place for you!!! 🙂


***Shooting with Stacie Snow tomorrow…I’ll update the blog after we’re done.  🙂 ***