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This one’s all text, gang.  🙂  I just came to the realization that there’s a LOT of places that I’m either in charge of, running, or just have a hand in the works…plus a couple of sites I generally think are cool, so I thought I’d let you know about them in one great big post.  🙂

Yahoo Groups I own:   The TucsonTied Yahoo Group.  When I started doing stuff online, I started this first.  Gina Rae Michaels was kind enough to showcase some of my stuff at her site when she and I first shot in ’06, but right after that happened, this was the second place my work appeared online.  In January it turns FIVE, believe it or not…I’ve been at this for five years!  🙂

Yahoo Groups I co-own and run with models:  Stacie Snow’s Yahoo Group.  Wo co-own and run the joint together (lol).  She posts there frequently…if you wanna chat up a model, stop on by!  She just got back from a tour of ITALY, and will soon be posting pics from the trip there!  Just look for, “Mod boy”…that’s me.  🙂  Candle Boxxx’s Yahoo group.  Also co-owned by me and her.  Candle is a more-than-frequent poster to the group, and she regularly stops in to either say, “HI” or pun the heck out of us!  🙂  Candle is one of the net’s priemere models, and is also a priemere PUNSTER…you’ll laugh your ass off when you’re with us.  😉  Again, I’m “Mod boy” there.  😉

Yahoo Groups I co-Mod for models:  Kimberly Marvel’s Yahoo Group.  I’m not there too much, but when I am, you can surely tell.  😉  That’s a group I co-Mod with Moraxian ( for model, Desiree.  STUNNING gal, Desiree…someday, she and my ropes will meet.  🙂  Samantha Grace’s Yahoo Group.  Like at Kim and Desiree’s groups, I’m a “back-up” Mod there…if the gang in charge needs help, they call on me.  🙂  Samantha is a LOVELY gal and a wonderful person as well…I adore her!  🙂  Moraxian’s in charge at Samantha’s place…better behave…he owns a guillotine and knows how to use it…;)

Yahoo Groups I co-Mod for fellow producers:  I help out  my co-Mod of Candle and Stacie’s groups here.  El Coyote is one of my best friends in the bondage business…and his wife is one of the BEST cooks I know.  😉  I eat there frequently…lmao!  Coyote and I went all thru school together (elementary thru high school), then lost track after graduation.  I escort Stacie Snow on one of her shoots with him, and the next thing ya know the terrible twosome is back in action…lmfao!  😉  That link is for the group for his site, Coyote Bondage…here’s the link for the site…give him some hits/traffic/memberships:  The Monk Of Mayhem’s Yahoo Group.  I pinch-hit at Chuck’s group when he needs a hand.  😉  Chuck is a very good friend of mine, and he’s shot with some of my favorite people (Kimberly Marvel, Stacie Snow, Pantera Noelle, to name a few)…some of them at my place…lol.  I always enjoy hanging out with or shooting with Chuck…he’s one of my favorite people in the producing world!  Stop on by and say “HI” from Tolstoy!

Random sites I enjoy:  Home of the Nostalgia Critic, Nostalgia Chick, Linkara and many, many more!  They spoof and lampoon everything from movies to tv shows, comic books and video games….and just about everything inbetween.  AWESOME video humor site…be prepared for the ads before every vid, tho.  🙁  Spoony is featured on the above site…this is his own, and you get much more of his content here.  Again, more vid game and movie lampooing (and outright bashing…his rant about Final Fantasy VIII is LEGENDARY, and funny as hell…you NEED to watch this if you love that game).  He also shares my passion for “Highlander”…tho he thought “Endgame” sucked, and I have to disagree.  🙁  He had MANY good points about the badness about the movie…I just thought it was better than he apparantly did…lmfao!  AWESOME site!

That’s about it…hit some links and enjoy, people!  🙂


Been busy being “non-busy”…lol.  Regular life just caught up to me a bit and I’ve not been shooting all that much.  These blogs only come about when I’m shooting, really, so…hence the lapse.  Sorry.  🙁

Just finished working on a literal shitton of new updates for the site…this is what to expect in the weeks and months to come.  Not feeling too chatty…just gon’ post pics.  🙂  Later!


Autumn Shaylee

Kimberly Marvel

Kordelia Devonshire

Stacie Snow


And a special 6 part video that shows the progression of a TucsonTied tie on Stacie Snow!

Won’t harp on this too long…but it’s sad.  🙁  Some of my work wound up on a pirate board the other day…really kinda saddens me.  Just wanna say this: don’t download from pirate boards…they take money away from hard working REAL PEOPLE (and not faceless corporations) and keep us from bringing you the product you want.  🙁  Thanks!  🙂