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OMG, this shoot was IN-FUCKING-CREDIBLE!!!  😀  I knew I was gonna have fun, but…  OOPS…got ahead of myself; need to start with a pic…


Let’s see…let me get the beginnings of this one for ya.  Nyxon and I first met at FetCon 2010…when my budget was tapped out.  🙁  We had a lovely chat at the bar/restaraunt of the hotel the con is held at, and it left me wanting to work with her all the more.  Entrancing personality coupled with a beauty that I wanted to capture for TucsonTied’s fans…it’d have to wait a bit, tho.

Cut to about two months ago…she said she’d be traveling thru the area and Eric Cain of Futile Struggles (  and ) was traveling with her…would I have time for a shoot?  WOULD I?????  😉  There were some scheduling headaches (damn “day job”…mumble grumble), but we eventually got it all ironed out, and a shoot was set!  In the meantime, practically everyone I knew was telling me how exciting it was that she and I was getting together as she’s wonderful…and wonderfully bendy!  C’mon, Tony…you HAVE to do a “reverse prayer” bondage with her!!!  Eeesh.  Um…k.  😉  Mind you, I wasn’t opposed to the idea; just…intimidated…by it…lol.  I’d never done one before in all my 5 years of doing the bondage stuff, and it looks…well, brutal, to say the least, on a gal.  I was ready to try anything once, tho….

So, the day comes, and we hop right to it.  It was such a JOY to see her again…I was thrilled!  I set about an “elbows-together” bondage and we got to shooting…

NICE shot, huh?  We shoot the material I wanted for this pose…and it was “reverse prayer” time.  Nervousnervousnervousnervousnervous….but she puts her arms into the proper position, I confer a bit with Eric about proper rope placement (BIG props to Eric…without him, I would’a been lost), and I see that a “reverse prayer” bondage isn’t much more than a “boxed arm” bondage with a twist.  K…now THIS, I could DO!!!  🙂  It went swimmingly, to say the least:

“Elbow” bondage with Nyxon

No, that wasn’t directed at me…at least I hope not. 😉 Nyxon

Pretty in high heel wedges and reverse prayers…Nyxon

And yes, I AM in fact a fan of high heel wedges…effing sue me; they looked HOT on her.  😉  So we shoot the material I wanted from this pose and move to a lotus tie on the floor with the same arm bondage (at the suggestion of my bud, Dave Annis…tho he suggested a frog tie; I like lotuses better…lol).  I also tried out microfoam tape as a gag…and wrapped it tightly around her head.  It worked well, and took little, if no, hair upon removal…big pluses!  I’ll use it again for future shoots…it had a special look about it that I’m warming up to.  🙂

To close out the festivities, we moved to a standard kinda bondage and I brought out my brown rope for it.  Corset, skirt, heels and stockings…it was an awesome bunch of sets!

DAMN, she was WONDERFUL to work with!!!  🙂  Folks, I can’t recommend this girl high enough…I had the time of my life working with her!!!  After the shoot, Dave took his leave of us, and we all went to the “trendy” clothes store in town, Hydra Leather, looking for “fun” stuff.  Eric found himself a pair of bitchin’ high heel boots (for his MODELS!!!  Geez, what you people are thinking…lmao!  😉 ), I found a “cheerleader” outfit (for MY models…or alternate Thursday nights, depending on my mood…lmao!  😉 ) and we adjourned for some yummy Mexican food for dinner.  🙂   After, we came back to my place and said our goodbyes.

Found out something else about that girl…she’s bitchin’ STRONG!!!  😀  Kimberly Marvel had, earlier in the day, asked Nyxon, thru Twitter, to hug me for her…and damn, did she e-VER!!!  I’ve been hugged by the best, but that girl took m’breath away for a second there…not that I’m complaining.  😉  It was a winning afternoon of bondage, exploration of new poses and methods, and all around FUN!!!

Ballgags, brown rope and corsets…YUM!!! Nyxon

Phew, what a day…and weekend!  I’m only now recovering…and I’m helping Dave Annis shoot with Stacie Snow on Friday, and then she becomes a “captured cheerleader” for me on Sunday…details on that one as they arrive…;)

One final thought…Nyxon, I REALLY enjoyed working with you…here’s looking forward to another opportunity SOON!!!  🙂


Sasha Fae

Hiya, blog fans!  🙂  Had a BIG weekend last weekend, shoot-wise and am now recovered enough to tell you all about it!  🙂  Incidentally, if you’re looking at that pic and asking yourself, “Isn’t that just “Sasha”?  I’ve seen her on these pages before, but without a last name…”  well, the last name is new; added it just recently after being asked so many times “When did you work with Sasha ‘famous bondage model’? when I said I worked with my local gal, Sasha…lol.  Distinguishes her from the pack and the many other “Sasha’s” out there.  😉

I have a “custom guy” for lack of a better way of putting it, who orders regularly from me now…this shoot came about because of him, and I was greatful and eager to do this one.  Been wanting to bring Sasha back for some time…but everytime I get close, another gal travels thru Tucson that I wouldn’t have a shot at otherwise (not that I’m knocking that…I love that!) and I’d have to put Sasha on the back burner.  Well, the back came to the front, as it were and I now got to work with her again…YAY!!!  🙂

Sasha Fae continues to be a favorite of mine because of the awesome evilness I can perpetrate on those elbows of hers…

Sasha Fae

Understand this: I had her in that elbow bondage for a record HOUR AND A HALF before she asked me to let her out…then after resting up a bit, we did some MORE elbow bondage…phenomenal!!!  I’ve never met anyone who can take elbow bondage the way she can and probably never will again…Sasha is the most amazing “elbows gal” on the planet!  Anyway…we did several poses with the above bondage…first in the chair she’s sitting on, then tied to it, then I moved her to the floor, shot her on her knees…

Sheesh, the curves, huh? 😉 Sasha Fae

Then finished off with a standing bondage which showed off those curves even more…and that one’s gonna have to wait until the editing is done.  😉  In closing, let me just say this: Sasha Fae is a WONDERFUL gal to work with…I cherish each and every time I get the opportunity to work with her and love every minute of her company…she is one wonderful woman!!!  🙂  I’d also like to add that she’s available for customs…hint, hint…and will put herself towards most any idea set forth for her.  🙂


AWWWWW….the hell’d I do to earn THAT, Stacie??? 😉 Stacie Snow

Did my eighteenth shoot with Stacie Snow recently…and it was an interesting one.  Stepped outside my comfort zone a bit for the sake of a custom client, and I think I really like the results a lot.  It was basically a shoot for TucsonTied/StacieSnowBound, but with an interesting twist….

YIKES!! 😉 Stacie Snow

Yup, that’s a vibrator tied into the crotchrope.  Kinda different for me, but not for Stacie…allow me to explain.  The custom customer came to me via my friendship with Dave Annis…you may recognize this set-up from his work.  Those two have collaborated with Stacie before and she’s ok with shooting this type of stuff; they’ve done this before.  🙂  This was all done with permission and such.  😉

I should add this before everybody gets all protective of her (this happens a lot…even I’M guilty of it to some degree)…this scenario was not forced onto her and she was aware I was gonna shoot it before we started…it wouldn’t have happened any other way.  🙂

The whole thing was shot as a DVD production…Stacie comes home, big-bad me is waiting for her, I take her prisoner and tie her up:

Stacie Snow

A few scenes follow as she struggles in different positions in this predicament.  45 minutes of bondage, a “Behind the Scenes” section as she, Dave and I banter on…and even some funny outtakes.  We had a blast shooting this.

Stacie Snow

We’re always available for customs…;)  And heck, if you’d like a copy of this one, just e-mail me and let’s talk about it…:

Coming soonish to StacieSnowBound.  🙂


WOW, are the next two months shaping up!  🙂  Excited, excited, excited…lemme tell ya a bit about them!  🙂

In about eight days (and counting…lol), I get to work with Nyxon…and brother, am I EXCITED!!!  But, just a day before that, this lovely lady makes her return to TucsonTied…

Sasha Fae!!!

Kimberly Marvel in Prom Queen Bondage!

Yup…just got off the phone with a customer who’s interested in seeing some more of her, and the time is right to bring her back!  🙂  Looks like this is gonna be a BIG weekend for yours truly…shooting with both Sasha Fae and Nyxon, just one day apart!  I’ll be sure to blog about Nyxon after she and I finish shooting…at the current, I have no pics to share, but when you see her (if you haven’t already…and I’m betting you have), you’ll understand why I’m so psyched!  :)April is going to be interesting and fun.  🙂  Top half of the month is kinda sad for me, actually.  In case you haven’t heard, Kimberly Marvel has decided that as of FetCon 2011, she’s hanging up the ropes for good.  Started thinking about it…and it’s likely this is the last time I’ll ever be roping her up at my place.  🙁  There’s an outside chance I’ll be working again with her at FetCon, but I’m not planning on shooting much there.  🙁  Just got me thinking and a bit nostalgic…lot of time has passed since I first found her while browsing the then-fetish-friendly MySpace, and saw this dynamic red head I wanted to meet and tie.  We took a BIG chance on each other, and I think the results have been wonderful…but not only that, I made a good friend in the process as well.  I adore Kim with all my heart and soul…and I’m pretty sure more than one tear is gonna drop down my cheek when I take the last rope off of her once the shoot is finished.A Kimberly Marvel blast of pics…from first shoot to present (tho not necessarily in shoot-order)…

Kimberly Marvel

Kimberly Marvel

Kimberly Marvel

Kimberly Marvel

Kimberly Marvel

Nurse Kimberly Marvel

Candle Boxxx in Pink Rope Bondage!

Candle Boxxx

And go here to see more Candle goodness on the net: Candle’s Fetish Boxxx   K…rambled on enough.   Told you all I owed you another blog post…off to write it now.  Peace, gang!  🙂


I owe you guys an entry about my latest Stacie shoot and that’ll come soon…TEASER PIC:

Stacie Snow, about to be Home Invaded


But for now, here’s a reposting from my Yahoo Group with a new place to hang out at…


Something new to the UnlimitedBondage arsenal of wonderful places to go.  Once upon a time, before there was a “TolstoyTony”, there was just “Tony” who was a bondage fan.  I went on a Forum Board (yah, me and forum boards…like that’d ever happen…lol) called the “SweeTies Forum” (no longer out there, by the way) and started socializing with the producers from then-SweeTies, now UnlimitedBondage, and made contacts and friends.  Shortly after starting this Yahoo Group, I was approached by the UB folks, and TucsonTied was born.

My point?

KnottyTalk is going to be a place where you can meet us UB folks and yak it up.  If anything, this is gonna be a thousand times better than it’s predecessor and I’m inviting you all to join up and hang out with us!

Here’s my profile:

TolstoyTony on KnottyTalk

Give it and KnottyTalk a visit and hang out with us!  🙂