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OMG…OMG…just got one at my REGULAR address that was soooooo freaking hysterical I had to share…apparantly, I’m dead and some woman is trying to get my money…


Attention: Beneficiary

I am FAKE SPAM NAME (Assistance Chairman) Efcc Investigation Office Nigeria,
there is presently a counter claims on your funds by one MRS. (spam name),
who is presently trying to make us believe that you are dead and even
explained that you entered into an agreement with her before your death, to
help you in receiving your fund $5.5M So here comes the big question.

Did you sign any Deed of Assignment in favor of (spam name withheld)?. thereby
making her the current beneficiary with this following account details:
We shall proceed to issue all payments details to
the said SPAM NAME WITHHELD, if we do not hear from you within the next two
working days from today.However, you are advice to email the bank immediately
and confirm to them also if SPAM NAME WITHHELD is from you or not.


Please note that you have less than 48hrs to get in contact with the paying
bank before they proceed to issue all payments to the said FAKE NAME.


Assistance Chairman, FAKE NAME, OBVIOUSLY
Economic and Financial Crimes

MY GOD...the part where I mentioned that there was too much detail to be real? That was name and ACCOUNT NUMBER, for pity's sake... no authority figure would release that kind of Tolstoy Continue Reading

I LOVE mocking SPAMMERS…gives me a touch of joy, actually.  🙂  This is the latest one to hit the blog (minus the spamming link, of course…not gonna subject you all to that):

“I propose not to hold back until you earn enough amount of money to order all you need! You can just get the loans or just credit loan and feel free”

THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!  Maybe I’m just slow on this lovely Saturday, but that…just didn’t make sense.  This must’ve come from the same poor sap who was enslaved by the Russian Mafia to make spam penis comments to bondage blogs…lol.

Ah, me.


LA-la land!  That’s where Tolstoy recently went to have some fun and work with the ever-amazing Candle Boxxx!!  More on that in a sec, let’s start with a pic:

Mischievous eyes…Candle Boxxx

My “custom guy” was very interested in getting some work done with Candle…and with us living on opposite sides of the US, that’s kinda difficult.  Recently, an opportunity popped up with her traveling to Los Angeles, so we decided a meeting there was in the cards.  “Hotel shooting”…bleh.  Ask any photog, hotel shooting can be a bit of a drag…hard to control lighting and such, but we made it work and to our benefit.   🙂    ‘Twas an awesome time!  Let me start at the start…

LAX (the airport there) is freaking HUGE!!!   Man, here in Tucson, you take maybe twenty steps and you’re at baggage claim…out there, take a car and maybe you’ll get there next week…lol.  Seeing her again was awesome…soon as I hit the baggage claim and saw her…ah, very cool!  We got my bags and headed out to the hotel…which was a surprise in itself.  VERY roomy…we both remarked that it seemed like it was made for our kind of filming.  Let the “smut filming” (as she likes to call it at times) begin!

Straightaway, hotel shooting kicked me in the ass.  This was the first scene…Candle was walking around with a few ties on, as if she’d gotten away from me while I was tying her up…can you see ol’ Tolstoy photographing the scene, reflected in the TV screen???  LMAO…laughed my ass off when I saw that…fortunately, it’s a quick edit to say the least to fix it.  🙂  Oh, forgot a funny story about the lighting…Candle had warned me that the room was somewhat dim and we might need some lighting.  I wear “Transitions” lenses, the type of perscription lenses that change from light to dark outside…well, when I entered the room at first, they were darkened…and I immediately thought the room was beyond too dark to work in…while my lenses were still darkened from being outside!  Ah, me…lol.

If you can get past Candle Boxxx’s lovely legs, check my reflection in the TV…lol

Candle Boxxx, chair-tied

We moved to a chair tie…then to a tie on the floor:

Love the shadowing in this shot…Candle Boxxx

Then to a hogtie, and back to a chairtie where  the vibrator-tied-crotchrope had a bit of an effect on the lovely lady…quite fun! All for the camera and not for real…but quite fun!  🙂  The best part of this little vacation wasn’t just the shoot, but the hanging out with her as well…we spent some time just enjoying what LA had to offer…some eats, Hollywood blvd (no, we saw no stars, but did run into a fellow producer)…Candle found a kick-ass pair of black, stiletto pumps that looked awesome on her (she tried them on at the hotel room later while wearing a wifebeater and tight jeans…I was tempted to break out the rope again…lmao!).

Part of this shoot was pure vacation for both of us…and if you think the life of a producer and model is all fame and fortune…let me clue ya in a little bit.  After the shoot was in the camera, we spent the rest of the time keeping up on e-mails from our laptops, and chatting while we did so…no lie!  Life had become stressful for both of us, so the opportunity to just RELAX and BREATHE was amazing.  We were even texting each other while still in the same room, just for laughs…lol.

Headed out the next day to go over the footage.  I’ve burned it all to DVD,  and it looks amazing…she was spectacular.  🙂  It was a pleasure and an honor to work with her again…our third shoot; hopefully, there’ll be many, many more!


Kimberly Marvel

Ah…time for some judicious blogging.  🙂  I’m two posts behind…gonna fix that now.  Firstly, let’s talk about the second half of my 6 hour shoot with Kimberly Marvel.  The first half was just for myself, and done for TucsonTied…a normal shoot; this half was done for a custom client, to his specs.  I find it kinda ironic that of the two, I prefer my work for my custom guy than to my own work this time out…lmao!  Not to say that my own stuff was bad or anything…Kimberly and I shot a TON of awesome; but the stuff we shot for my custom client was just a level above…maybe the best stuff Kimberly and I have lensed together!

This one was shoot #9 for her and me…which means that when she and I get the opportunity to do so again, it’ll be the 10th, and worthy of celebrating the “anniversary”.  What IS the proper thing to buy a bondage model for the tenth anniversary…cotton clothesline???  😉  Ah, I’ll think of something…anyways, back on track.  After doing some “before the bondage” shots, Kim and I got down to cases.  I should add that the mega-awesome JRMarvel (Kim’s hubby) was present in the room as well (go and read his blog… he has a pic from the shoot at the top of the blog and as I write this, his latest entry is about his thoughts about the shoot…color me blushing, the man was very kind about yours truly!  🙂  ) .  First, I started off with a chair tie…

Kimberly Marvel

We did a couple of quick variations of this tie…one with her ankles free of the chair legs and one tied to them…both were awesome!  Kim is one HELL of an actress…the client had asked for her to “cry” while tied, and brother did she do so.  It was actually kinda funny, and apparantly I wasn’t the only one to pick up on it; she went about her bit for the video…and as I sat there taping, I honestly thought I had an emotionally distraught woman on my hands suddenly; my instincts were telling me to shut off the camera and check on her…but my brain knew she was just acting.  It was a tough call to stay on my butt, let me tell you!  JRMarvel was feeling the same, apparantly…I read that from his blog, but he was a real wonderful trooper and didn’t jump in to check her himself, tho the urge was there.  To quote from his blog:

Ms. Marvel writhed and squirmed against her ropes, and even got herself to tear up and freak out so convincingly that both Tony and I damn near ran over in the middle of the shoot to make sure she was ok.  She really is quite good at this stuff.

Totally agreed, buddy…totally agreed!  Kimberly is awesome at her job…which makes me all the sadder that I’m losing her to retirement soon.  🙁  Ah, she’ll come by if requested for a custom…but for the most part, she’s retiring as of FetCon ’11 as a bondage model.  Lola Lynn retired this year as well…going to miss them both a great deal!  But…as I am normal to do, I digress…lol.

We next went to a hogtie…

Kimberly Marvel hogtied!

She struggled beautifully, and I got some great shots for my guy and for TucsonTied.  I am really gonna miss that girl…:(  The next part was kinda out there…have only done it once before, but it worked out amazingly.  With JRMarvel’s assistance (and he was 17,000 kinds of AWESOME at this, let me tell you…he was a great asset to this shoot and I’d have him back over anytime!), we stood Kimberly up and tied her under a small hook in the wall…then I CAREFULLY (and I can’t stress that enough) put a rope off of the crotchrope and tied it to the ceiling.  Here’s the result…

Kimberly Marvel…staying still

Yup…she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  😉  Another client request…and Kimberly was mega happy to do so.  🙂

Now, as to the rest of the night, after the shoot…Lord, was that special.  In doing this shoot, I not only got to hang out with Kimberly Marvel, the model/actress, but with Kimberly and JRMarvel, the married couple…and that was awesome, and amazingly special.  After the shooting/paperwork/payment section of the shoot was done, we sat down like three friends (even tho JRMarvel and I had just met…he was that accepting of me and that felt wonderful) and just talked about their recent wedding.  We peered thru the wedding album…yes, I do believe Tolstoy cried a bit, if you wanna know…lol.  It was a LOVELY wedding and ceremony…and they were even nice enough to burn me a copy of the ceremony they’d taped (with JRMarvel even downloading me some software that was awesome and something I was looking for to help me archive my product onto DVD anyway…THANK YOU, bro, for that!)…all in all, it was one special evening.

We even gave our sponsor a special treat…a phone call.  I love working for this guy; he’s in his 70’s and loves bondage…he’s a “Tolstoy” in the spoken word the way I am with the written one, so we’re good friends now.  I hear his ringtone pop up on my phone, I know I’m gonna get talked to for at least an hour of so…lol.  Well, we gave my client a call to tell him about the shoot and just jaw for a bit…which became the problem…he was enjoying talking with kim so much that I had a hard time pulling him away from the convo so Kim and JRMarvel could get back on the road to their next shoot…lmao!  She enjoyed yakking with him…he’s a character!  😉

My fave Kimberly Marvel shoot…one awesome time was had.  🙂