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Re-posting this from my Yahoo Group:


Just saying “HI” to my group…been a touch of time and I feel like typing. 🙂

Lessee: shooting schedule looks something like this: I’ll be seeing the
Rope_Dreams Amateur Model of the Year Award Winner, Sasha Fae, on August the 5th
for our next shoot. Color me excited…I’ll pass on her award and say “hi” to
her for all that voted and such (and a big “THANK YOU” from me to all of you in
you help in winning her that). 🙂

August 19th sees me working with a redhead…by the name
of…(beat…pause…wait for it…)…:


PSYCHE!! You guys thought I was gonna say, “Stacie Snow” for the umpteenth
time, didnya, didnya?? Well, PSYCHE…and I DO actually have depth when it
comes to redheads…HA! 😉

OK, all kidding aside, I’m stoked for this one. First “new” face to TucsonTied
in some time, and I’m excited to meet/work with her. Annabelle comes to me by
way of recommend…a “word of mouth” gig. I get them a lot from models, and this
is the source of receiving new faces for TucsonTied that excites me more than
most…a model basically saying that she had so much fun working with me and
thought I was professional enough to recommend me to fellow models. It says a
lot and pumps the ego up a bit. 🙂

Annabelle is drop dead gawgess…and it looks like we’ll be a good team. Love
to post pics…but obviously, as she’s new to me, I have none yet…lol. 😉
Trust ol’ Tolstoy, you’re gonna love her…I can’t wait. 🙂 Best part is,
she’s close-to-local, so I can book her often. 🙂

That’s about all that’s going on at the moment…more when the shoots happen!


I have an iPhone and a few games on it…one of which is pool (billiards).  So, I’m in between errands and I go to play a game…

The “in game player” (“computer” player, for lack of a better term) ran the table on me.  Broke…sank a ball, sank all the other stripes, then sank the 8 ball…all in one turn.  🙁

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry…lol.  😉


I’m on SUCH a roll; I should be in Vegas right now…

Crazy-Sexy CJ Molina

Just did my best ever shoot with Stacie Snow…and now I follow it up by kicking ass with CJ.  Too good to be true…just wish my next shoot wasn’t so far off…lol.  We got together for one AWESOME time…fun was had by all…even tho I got just a touch rope-crazy…check this arm bind:

Intense arm bind with CJ Molina

Pretty intense, huh?  The hemp/jute rope also adds to that…along with looking completely kick-ass.  🙂  Glad I invested in the stuff…found a really good supplier, so I can get it fairly cheap.  🙂  I like the look of it…it’s intense.


She’s completely awesome!  I just tied her the once for this one and just went to town on the shooting…amazing how much shooting you can get done that way…lol.  The time just flew out the door.  CJ just kept on giving me great look after great look…I think I damn near had a heart attack when I shot this one:

CJ Molina

This gal is several hundred times of awesome, let me tell ya.  🙂   And so easy to work with…just put on the ropes and let the camera do the rest…she’s awesome like that.  🙂  Well…that’s about all for this month; check ya back here around the first week of August when Sasha Fae returns.  Unless I think of something witty to tell you all in a text only kinda way.  😉



MY Cheez-It’s…MINE!!!” Stacie Snow

HAD to start out this entry with that pic…it’s so cool and fun!  🙂  Welcome to a bit from my 21st shoot with Stacie Snow!  🙂

Editing the video as I type this…this has to be the BEST Stacie Snow shoot we’ve done!  I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.  Was working for my custom client (doing so always seems to keep me on my toes), and we put together quite the hot bondage scene.  Black leather outfit, stockings and garters, high heel pumps…VERY nice!  🙂

My client wanted a “progression” bondage…meaning, starting off with her untied, then tying the ankles, then the knees…you get the picture.  🙂  T’was fun to do…and we hadn’t done one of those in quite some time.  I like them; I know how to take just enough pics so I get to the full bondage quick enough.  Above, you see just the ankles tied…here’s the knees…

LOVELY shot! Stacie Snow

And, finally, the full bondage:

NICE, huh? Stacie Snow

We followed this with a sitting bondage, and one of her standing up against the wall to really show off the full effect of the bondage:

WOW! Stacie Snow

Overall, I have to say this is one of the most technically perfect shoots we’ve ever done.  I LOVE the material that got cranked out…she did her usual wonderful job of emoting and getting across the character of the “damsel in distress”, and she looked WONDERFUL doing so.  I hadn’t seen her for close to a month, so it was also nice to re-connect and just pull out a fan-freaking-tastic shoot!  🙂


I’ve found I could make a slight change and keep us spam free still…you don’t HAVE to register to post a comment to the blog, but you do have to leave an e-mail address.

Just a part of the price we pay to stay free of Africa’s unused money, Russian Mafia forcing folks to post penis posts, and all the other SPAM craziness. PLEASE feel free to comment to the blog…I love feedback. 🙂


Hey, all my members here…HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!! 🙂

Just wanted to drop you all a quick message…have fun today, but be safe about it; designate a driver, don’t over-indulge, be safe with whatever fireworks you set off (and if it’s illegal to do so in your state and you do anyways, I don’t wanna know about it…lol)…

Just have a great, fun, food-filled, and SAFE time!!