All posts for the month November, 2011

Just wanted to drop a quick note once again saying that you guys continue to amaze/amuse me.  🙂  All that time spent writing your garbage and with but one click of the mouse, it winds up right where it belongs…in the electronic waste paper basket.

You DO amuse me tho…with your idiotic writings and damn fool nimrod spellings and sentences.  🙂

Long as you keep it up, I’ll keep deleting it and my fans will be none the wiser.  🙂

A VERY amused Tolstoy.

Funny the way life tends to reach across the table and bitchslap you sometimes. 🙂 They’re called “epiphanies”: little moments of clarity where you become one with your world and understand everything in and about it. I love these little moments…the clarity and focus they give you for that little brief moment is breath taking. 🙂

So. I have two critics in my fetish life…both for separate reasons. No point in going into the reasons why…just the fact that they’re there is enough. The dislike is mutual towards both…I just prefer to keep said dislike offline and not bother my fans and friends with the asshattery that occurs when one posts said dislikes online, while they both tend to post their dislike in non-complete detail in little “innuendo-slaps”, where thoughts are mentioned, but not names.

It is what it is. (shrugs)

One has been slapping around at a friend of mine for some time now…the other, thru Twitter, just took a broken-record slap at me. I was looking at said slap this morning and came to an epiphany…why exactly do I care?

Seriously, why do I give a damn about what two individuals who have their own individual reasons for hating on me think? Why am I watching their pages, both here and Twitter, to see if they’re gonna take yet another misguided bitchslap at me when the fact of the matter is, when people, MODELS, in particular…models both of these men want to work with, read these childish, insipid little slices of their lives, they see them for the true people they are. The ironic part is that they absolutely hate each other, yet they use exactly the same tactics and way of getting their vileness out into the world…making themselves two sides of the same, ugly and misguided coin. If you act childish online, people see it and judge you by it…the fact that they’re posting the stuff they do makes them all the smaller and people will see it just for that and nothing more.

And he says that while posting something that could be said is vile and childish…lol. 😉

This is my one and only trip into misbehavin’ and making “innuendo-posts”…I think I just needed to see my thoughts online to cement them. Simply put, gents…rock on with your bad selves; I cease to have a reason to care. 🙂

New blog post soon with details and shots from my latest shoot with Sasha Fae. 🙂