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I’m on YouTube a LOT…and this one was on the site when it happened…and I was completely outraged!  BRACE YOURSELF…this video is UGLY…and not in a violent way, but just a horrific showing of how our kids are growing up these days to become complete monsters…

What the video is: The video is of three or four 13 year-old kids on a school bus harassing their bus monitor.  Some of the language is vile and disgusting, and these kids are using the kind of language sailors and truck drivers WINCE at.  They talk of defecating on her home, that her family must have committed suicide because they were so embarrassed about her…it’s shocking and horrendous. (The kids just got their punishment…1 year suspension from school and bus riding privileges, 50 hours community service with senior citizens and they have to undergo a bullying prevention program.  They got off light…and are lucky the monitor didn’t want to press criminal charges as she could have.)

My reaction:   Outrage.  In more than one way.

What the hell is WRONG with our kids these days?  I’m gonna make myself sound ancient (lol), but in my day, if I spoke back to an adult like that (or an adult authority figure, like a bus monitor), my hide would have been tanned for a week!  Can’t do that now…if you do any kind of punishment against them (kids) now, one parent-bought-cell-phone call to CPS and Daddy doesn’t see the sky for months.  🙁

I’m beginning to wonder if parents have lost touch with parenting…if any of you say it’s because of violent video games or TV or movies…how are these kids GETTING THEM?!  Soon as the “R” hit the movie, I didn’t get to see it until I was 18…PERIOD.  “M” rated vid games and “R” rated movies are a joke in the accountability area…stores are selling them and theater owners prolly laugh at the “R” and rake in the bucks in these economy strapped times.  My point is this…are the parents even watching out for their kids anymore or just letting them run rampant and do whatever they want to do?

The thing that jibes me the most is what one of the kids said about why they did it…they wanted fame.  INTERNET fame.  They made the video not to put on their Facebook accounts only…they wanted to submit it to Tosh 2.O!  One of the boys, the one who shot the video, says this in this YT Video,

“I see people record bullying everyday on YouTube…so I’m like, why would this be a problem?”

I see from other reports, he’s recanted that…but he’s on video saying that here:  He says that about 1 minute in on the video.   The parents say the boys are sorry.  I say, yup they ARE sorry…sorry excuses for human beings…but are they REMORSEFUL?!  If anything…they’re sorry they got CAUGHT.

Disturbing and disgusting little monsters…if anything, I hope the whole thing opens parents eyes and makes them understand that when little Johnny leaves the house and their supervision, they aren’t the kid they THINK they are.  “You’ve got the wrong kid…I didn’t raise my kid like that…my kid wouldn’t act like that.”  WAKE UP, PARENTS…your kids ARE acting like that!  Mind you: NONE of the parents of those 4 monsters took that route and all involved (parents and kids) owned up to their miserable behavior (video helps with that, I guess…), and I’m not saying any of them have.  But you see cases like this where video ISN’T shot, and the parents all say their kid isn’t like that.  I’ll have to agree to DISagree with you all on that.  🙁

I saw in some later videos that one kid said they did it just to make an adult mad and catch it on tape.  WONDERFUL society we live in these days, huh?  🙁

My thoughts.



Well…a way for me to put out the quick sample pic without putting a story to it…I’ll be using this OFTEN; especially in conjunction with TucsonTied and StacieSnowBound’s latest updates…maybe give you a peek at the latest update set or preview the material from a shoot just finished…like this one of Sasha Fae…  Click the pic to see more of Sasha and the many wonderful models on the site!


Sasha Fae

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while.

I’ve been posting here, there and a few other places…but not on this blog, sadly.  Why?  well…it’s not always good stuff that happens, and when the ugly shows up, I get quiet.  Mind you, the ugly was worked out quick…but it did lessen my want to write…which was sad for me as my birth month of June is going to see only one writing; this one.  🙁

I update FetLife…I update my Yahoo Group and the ones for Kim, Candle and Stacie…but I don’t update here as much…why is that?  Well…this blog is closer to my heart and I see this as a place to talk about EVERYTHING going on, the good AND the bad…but up until now, I wasn’t so willing to share the bad as I didn’t want certain not-so-nice people to see the ugly I was going thru and use it as mock fodder on Twitter and FetLife status update like they (who know who “they” are) are like to do.  It’s in their nature…they’re dual sides of the same black and ugly coin like that.

Thankfully, they’ve both been quiet (tho I only check one Twitter or FetLife page to be sure of that…the other one’s is FAR too toxic and hurtful).  But I have decided on something.  Gonna try to be quiet less and share more.  Writing has always been an outlet of stress for me…but you have to be careful of exactly WHAT is said.  I think I can reach that level of careful…and I will endeavor to do so.  Some things need to be said…some don’t.  That’s one of the reasons I created the “RANTS and Musings” section of this blog…so I can get shit off my chest in a positive way…or maybe a not so positive way…time will tell.  The important thing is I want to write more…be it good OR bad.  Time will tell if I can keep that up.  🙂

Gotta run for now, tho…Sasha Fae is due within an hour, and I have to make the final preps and such for our latest shoot.  I’ve done a LOT of shooting lately…I’ll try to hit you all back with more updated info soon.  🙂


PS: The blog is totally spam free now…I didn’t even have any saved up spam to delete; awesome!  Guess I deleted the right person/persons…awesome!!  🙂