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I’d link to Stacie Snow’s Yahoo Group…but we’re closing it down today.  After about 2 1/2 years on it, we’ve decided between her and I it’d be for the best.  While she’s NOT retiring in the strictest sense of the word, she’s going to be FAR less active at it than she was, making keeping it stocked with fresh pics…fresh PHOTOGRAPHER OWNED pics, anyway, almost impossible.

What a ride.  🙂

I’d just like to say, it was a pleasure and privilege to run this for Stacie, and I’m saddened at the turn of events.  While Stacie is entering a period on relative inactivity in her career, it’s not coming to an end…and I have a TON of pics to stock StacieSnowBound with.

The future is BRIGHT!  And wait until you see what I’m releasing tomorrow!  🙂


Just finished lunch at Chick-fil-a…ok. Some musings:

What is it about chicken places and smaller sodas? I’m SURE I “large sized” my meal and got a soda that would equal a “medium” at other places…most notably, the burger joints. I mention this because Col. Sanders is EXACTLY the same way…why is it that the chicken places serve smaller sodas? Does chicken make you thirstier and drive a need to sell more Dr. Pepper?! Just weird.

I suppose decor is one thing…but they put balloons at juuuuuuust the right spot…I had to duck just to see the board with all their product. :/

And what I’m really not getting is why there’s a reason for a chicken place to pass out an agenda against people’s beliefs and ways of being…..long as folks buy their chicken, does their lifestyle really matter?

I tried this place just to try it…now that I have, color me not returning. 🙂


Finished the product which is now titled, “Pretty Little Package 2,  Sasha Fae and Stacie Snow: Dom Joins The Dominated” (with name credits going to the custom order’s author)…I’m really happy and excited with it!  It now gets sent into my webmaster and scheduled for debut on Clips 4 Sale and UnlimitedBondage On Demand…color me EXCITED!  I think you guys are gonna LOVE this little slice o’ bondage Heaven…I’ll be doing another blog entry when the piece debuts, complete with screenshots.  🙂

For the time being, however, I’m in a short period of rest.  The next shoot I do will be video with Stacie Snow for Dave Annis’ site, then I get Stacie on the 7th for a small pic/video shoot…should be fun.  More later!


I try to put something down every day, but yesterday, I missed.  🙁  Truth to tell, yesterday was something of a celebration/work day…I spent the morning in happy celebration of getting material of Stacie Snow and Sasha Fae together finally (and doing some shopping at Staples…they had a deal on 16 Gb SD cards I couldn’t pass up…lol), and the evening working my sorry, sad and huge ass off finishing up the edits on the product…which is in fact done and will be sent in to the sites soonly.

I’m really proud of the product…and there’s a hogtie scene in it that is wonderful!  🙂

I’ll be sure to announce this gathering of titans (lol) when it gets released…and once I settle on a title for it.  :/

Later, kids!


Do you appreciate irony?  I do…both Stacie Snow and Sasha Fae live in Tucson…and it’s taken me forEVER to  get them together in a shoot…lmao!  Ah, me.  Did a WONDERFUL shoot with them which is meant to carry the plot behind, “Sasha Fae: Pretty Little Package, Destined For Slavery”

“Pretty Little Package” on C4S

to it’s fruition.  CLASSIC stuff…I’ll be editing it all tomorrow before releasing it VERY soon…here’s a still shot of them in the outfits for the shoot…

Stacie Snow and Sasha Fae together


Had to get a last minute piece of wardrobe for a shoot that happens tomorrow…then Dominic Wolfe contacts me saying he’s gonna breeze thru town and would like to hang out with me and Dave Annis…awesome!  Wish I had more time to say at least SOMETHING…but, eh, time allowing, I should be back here before the day is out.  🙂


Light on the words as I’m pooped…just wrapped a shoot with the LOVELY Stacie Snow…here’s a few samples to show off the fun we had today!  🙂  Click on the pics to go to the Join pages of StacieSnowBound and sign up for a GREAT redhead in bondage!  🙂

Stacie Snow

Stacie Snow

HAD to show this off…one of the best boxed arm ties I’ve done! Stacie Snow