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Bloody HELL, man!  😛  Just spent the past few days going over literally EVERY post I’ve ever made to this blog to freshen it up a bit…and I finally hit the last of the posts about an hour ago…that was some massive WORK right there, I’ll tell ya!  😛  Every post is now put out there at it’s best…and I LOVED doing it!  Gave me a chance to see what I’ve written to this thing over the years…how I’ve changed and such.  (If you wanna see me with some hair on my noggin, there’s a pic on the “Vivian Ireene Pierce” post that shows me with hair in the side of my head and a mustache…wowzers!)

It was also fun to reminisce about the past as well.  To see all the shoots and watch things change and grow.  The first time I posted about  The first time I posted about us getting a Clips4Sale page.  The first time I POSTED…now that one was a DOOZY!  I earned my “Tolstoy” nick right there and then, let me tell you.  😉  And the post where I took you all “Behind the Scenes” of my little studio and showed you how it was lit and such…that was very cool!  🙂 And it NEEDS an updating…so MUCH has changed since then…wow.

I think I’m just reeling from the sense of TIME that updating this blog gave me…and let me tell you…this bad boy just became MINE in more than a sense.  I have such a connection to this blog now, it’s unreal.  🙂  I think on Monday, I’m gonna settle back a bit and look over things again, and pick out my 10 Favorite posts and share them with you all…might be fun.  🙂

For not tho…I’m gonna close with two of my favorite pics…one of Stacie Snow, and one of Sasha Fae.  Each one links to StacieSnowBound and TucsonTied, respectively…give the sites a look!  🙂


Those BOOBS…OMG!! Stacie Snow in some tight, TOUGH TucsonTied Bondage

Kick Ass Frogtie with Sasha Fae! Tight, TOUGH TucsonTied Bondage

Just wanted to take a moment to talk with you all about this blog.  🙂

Gonna try to keep myself on a REGULAR posting schedule…that means something will be posted to this blog every day…be it just a short blurb, a ramble, pics, or maybe even a short video…SOMEthing will be posted to this blog DAILY.  🙂  Also, I’m going over the past 2 years or so of pages I’ve done with the thought in mind of freshening them up, making the pics larger, and linking them back to products I’m offering so you can all get a look at them.  What that means is this…

  • A post of some kind (text, pics or video) every day
  • BIGGER pictures
  • Making the blog overall look cleaner, better and more fun
  • Links where you can find my stuff on the net

In short, I’m making this puppy more “user-friendly” for you all to enjoy.  I’m enjoying it too…and I LOVE getting your feedback on it…if you’re loving it or hating on it, let me know!


Here’s a Sneak Peek at the current set of pics up at  Candle Boxxx looked SO HOT in this tight black outfit, fishnet stockings and high heel black pumps…VERY NICE SET!  🙂  Click the pic to see the “Tour” page of and see MORE of this great set!


Candle Boxxx

Right now at (, we’re featuring stills from the One Hour Production, “Stacie Snow’s Kinky Parole Officer”…here’s a peek at the set just posted to the site.  Click the link back there to see the “Tour” page of the site…and click on the pic to buy the ONE HOUR VIDEO from Unlimited Bondage On Demand!  🙂


Stacie Snow in the Bondage of “The Kinky Parole Officer”. Click on the pic to see this offered up at UnlimitedBondage On Demand

Gonna be BUSY soon!  Doing this partially for you guys to see, partially for me to keep track of it…

  • October 3rd:  Shooting with Gracie for 4 hours
  • October 6th:  Helping Dave Annis shoot with new model “Des”
  • October 10th and 12th: Shooting an Hour Long Video with Sasha Fae
  • October 14-20 (date not yet set): Shooting myself with new model “Des”
  • October 24th and 25th: Helping Dave Annis shoot with new model Mia
  • October 27-31 (date not yet set): shooting with new model Asiana Starr

SHEESH!  I’ll update this as dates become set, but DAAAAAAAAAAMN!  That’s a LOT of shooting within a month’s period, no?  I’m completely loving it…and wait until you see Gracie, Des and Asiana Starr!!  And November brings in Annabelle Genovisi…ROWR!!  😀


Well, here we go again.  🙂

I’m giving the blog a different kind of facelift…going over all the back postings and changing pics out (making some larger too) and adding links all over the place.  🙂  I’ve gotten as far as December 11, 2011 thus far…give the older postings some love and take a stroll thru the blog for a bit…there’s a LOT of neat stuff on this thing.  🙂  Cool to walk thru the past and see the stuff I’ve done…causes me to reflect and I like what I see.  🙂  Renewed my interest for “The Kidnapping of Stacie Snow”…that was one HELL of a production!  Stacie looked GORGEOUS and played the part of a kidnapped heiress to the HILT!  The bondage was prolly the best I’ve put her in for some time now, and the dress we had her in…whoosh, sexy!  🙂  It’s prolly my favorite thing I’ve done with her, and I highly recommend it to you…

Stacie Snow, Boobs and Bondage

AWESOME production….and with “Sasha Fae’s Ardent Fan” the “yin and yang” of my producing; two TOTAL classics!  🙂

Well…today will consist of me going to a hardware store and getting some screws for my favorite chair I have the gals sit on…during the last shoot I did with Sasha Fae, the seat came loose, and we can’t have THAT happening!  NOT COOL…but one of the little “life things” that happen when producing sometimes.  🙂  I’m also headed to Staples again…gonna get a lasting supply of Sony DVDs to put material on (got a coupon for 50 of them for $20…not bad!). I also need a wireless mouse. I need to stop “waffling” about this and just BUY one…but there’s features that I want that not all of them seem to have.  🙁  I also wanna check this out and see if I did as good as I THINK I did…was walking thru Sears yesterday and saw three “MemoryStick ProDuo” Memory cards for my Sony Camera…each were 4 Gb cards…each cost (get this…) $2.97!!!  Couldn’t believe my EYES…those normally cost $20 a pop, and I got THREE for less than HALF that!  Can you say, “SCORE”!!  😛

K…gonna close this with two stills from the Stacie vid I was talking about…later!  🙂


Soon to be Kidnapped Heiress and Party Girl, Stacie Snow from, “The Kidnapping of Stacie Snow”. Click the pic to see this on UnlimitedBondage On Demand!

That pic of his daughter should convince Daddy to open his pocketbook! 😛 Stacie Snow from “The Kidnapping Of Stacie Snow”…click the pic to see this offered at UnlimitedBondage On Demand


Gonna be working my silly butt off today after getting home from a few errands (like settling the funding for my next shoot which should be with Gracie VERY soon…top of November)…gotta get the Sasha Fae shoot sent in and I’m doing various “tweaks” here and there to the blog.  🙂  Enjoying it…this is something I should have been doing from the start.  From here on out, I’ll be posting pics in the larger format, and clicking them will lead to places where you can buy product, become a member of a site…or, when I’m feeling frisky, lead to a FULL sized pic!  Mousing over a pic will tell you what you have in store.  🙂

Now.  This post needs a pic.  Who…hmmmmmmmm…how about…

Stacie Snow, from a recent shoot

Added a post to the “Full Length Video” page for “Bikini Bound” starring Stacie Snow.  🙂  Found a way to upload videos that frees me from using Photobucket (MAJOR YAY!!!), but it does require that you start the video, then double click on it to bring it to full size.  Not too bad a trade off…tho I’m baffled at why the program doesn’t have a button on the player for you to do that with.  EVERY video player out there has this little addition…just seems weird and pointless.  🙁

At any rate, I’ll be uploading a LOT more video snippets to the blog…just SNIPPETS, mind you…if you want to see the WHOLE videos, you’ll have to join the site…